Going for Gold in Search Engine Marketing

By Tinuiti Team

Like most people around the world, I have been doing my fair share of watching the Olympics. One of my favorites this year has been the Ice Dancing competition, the outfits have been flashy, the routines have been a mix of the basic sit spin to the quadruple salchow jump, competition fierce & while there have been some outstanding performances there has also been plenty of falls, but with each fall it is followed by a quick hop up & on with the show.

Search engine marketing & search marketers aren’t so different from these Olympic Ice Dancers. We can be flashy, well our ads can be flashy. To make our Ads flashy we use image extensions, enhanced sitelinks, review extensions, call extensions & location extension. We want our ads to stand out against the competition, and like ice dancing the flashier you are the more attention you get. For example, Aliona Savchenko from Germany got a lot of attention when she donned a hot pink outfit.

Aliona & her partner didn’t win the gold though. Being flashy isn’t enough, it helps, but you have to have the skill to back it up. As a search marketer you can have the most exciting ad, but if someone clicks on our flashy ad & it isn’t relevant to the product or services that we are offering that is a fail on our part. While it’s not as traumatic as someone falling after a toe pick, it’s a mistake that can cost advertisers money. These small fails’ keeps you from being the best.

Ice dancers work on perfecting their trade or tricks & similarly search marketers optimize to improve their campaigns. Each new trick an ice dancer starts to learn takes time & practice to make sure they are able to do it seamlessly, we too need time & learnings to make sure each new campaign, ad copy or keyword introduced to the account hits the desired goal or result. We work to perfect this by testing out ad copy, making bid changes & adding in new keywords, or pausing out keywords, constantly tweaking & optimizing. Not every test is perfect in our world, nor every trick in Ice Dancing, so like Ice Dancers we pick up where we left & it’s on to the next test or trick.

Charlie & Meryl from the USA, didn’t have the fanciest of outfits, but showed they had the skill & won Olympic gold. Unlike Ice Dancing we don’t get a shiny gold medal like they do in the Olympics, but as Search Marketers every time we make a change or try something new we are always working towards Gold.

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