Q4 Sales Gods Say, "Please The Feed"

By Tinuiti Team

Every year, we see CSE revenues range from as little as 5% to as much as 60% of total revenues for our clients. In short, they can be a big deal for certain businesses, especially during traffic-heavy shopping periods.

No CSE tops Google Shopping in this revenue potential, and so effective shopping feed management is much more high stakes for a PLA campaign. Our CEO Rick Backus goes over the importance of pleasing the feed for your Google PLA campaigns:

Check out more Google Product Listing Ad Best Practices, including this video, featured on Search Engine Watch.

Truth is, Google Shopping is just one of many lucrative shopping channels that make a huge impact on your bottom line this Q4.

For more insights on shopping feed marketing, including which are the best channels to advertise your products on, be sure to visit our Shopping Feed Management Guide.

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