Blenders Eyewear Achieves 369% Email Revenue Growth With Tinuiti
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Blenders Eyewear offers dozens of sunglass styles and snow goggles that seamlessly combine quality construction and design with an acceptably low price threshold. With the promise to always be RAD—relevant affordable dependable—Blenders Eyewear firmly believes that our shades should tell a story about who we are and the life we live.

Blenders joined forces with Tinuiti in 2017 to make the most of its email campaigns and optimize email content and offers.








increase in YOY jump

“Like many brands, we count on the holidays to drive a significant portion of our sales, and Tinuiti helped us achieve significant gains in our email program. We worked together to keep shoppers engaged, and the numbers show that our sustained efforts paid off.”

Chase Fisher – Founders | Blender Eyewear

Develop An Email Content Calendar With Timely & Relevant Messaging 

When we started our relationship, Blenders sent sporadic emails with a primary focus on promotional offers. With the help of our strategists and content creators, the team created a calendar that included a diversified mix of products, content and offers. As a result, revenue jumped to 324%.

The increased email cadence didn’t reduce engagement. This is thanks to our combined creative efforts of embodying Blenders’ youthful, fun-loving brand identity. In a joint effort, we developed content in tempo with collegiate calendars and messaging for back to school. All while ensuring a consistent brand voice. By demonstrating such a keen understanding of Blenders customers, we increased the calendared email open rate by 10.9% year-over-year in Q4 and the conversion rate by 28.1%. What’s even better is the opt out rates dropped by 22%.

Additionally, we applied a fresh perspective and best practice to Blenders’ welcome email series and abandoned cart series. We wanted to ensure these triggered series reflected shoppers’ preferences and expectations. Through refreshed designs and streamlined content with a clear call-to-action, revenue increased by a whopping 550%.

Multi-Faceted Holiday Email Strategy

After laying the groundwork through steady list growth in the spring and summer, we implemented a multi-faceted holiday email strategy that kicked off Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday deals were released early to subscribers with follow-up emails throughout the weekend.

In addition, we helped Blenders send limited-time emails to recapture shoppers who abandoned their carts over the weekend. This email re-invited abandoners back to the site with a reminder of the array of limited-time discounts. Due to the follow-up campaigns, Blenders achieved record email revenue that dominated 2016 by over 400% and conversions of more than 38%. November’s revenues accounted for over half of the sales for the fourth quarter

We continued to engage shoppers throughout the season. In addition to holiday themed messaging, gift guide recommendations and free shipping promotions, we re-vamped the website’s email signup overlay to include holiday promotion messaging. December’s sales improved with gains of 550% and a conversion rate of over 87%.

Integrating Social Content Into Email Campaigns 

Social plays an integral role in Blenders’ brand. That being said, we incorporated social elements into email campaigns. By devising a regularly scheduled “Monthly Blend” email to show top user-generated content, we put real customers front and center in email.

In the Blenders’ welcome campaign, we invite our new subscribers to get social with us and join our profiles and communities. Ultimately creating the omnichannel experience for Blenders’ audience.

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