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Named after co-founder Amber Glassman’s brother, whose young life was tragically taken too soon, Bryan Anthonys was founded on the verifiable truth of life’s fragility — we only have one life and more time isn’t guaranteed. The brand was created in honor of Bryan, with the hope of encouraging others to make their life and the lives around them meaningful. 

Bryan Anthonys designs with purpose. Through powerful messages, they strive to inspire women to create, share, and live their own stories.  

Bryan Anthony Founders, Ed and Amber came to Tinuiti seeking to partner with an agency to help them establish and scale a successful email marketing program. They both quit their jobs to launch their new jewelry business and, due to a lack of bandwidth, didn’t have the time to devote to building the brand’s email program from the ground up. Additionally, they had a runaway hit early on with their Tribe and Soul Sisters necklaces, so customer demand quickly grew without a supporting infrastructure.  

In March 2017, Bryan Anthony teamed up with Tinuiti to help them elevate their email program needs and grow quickly.



  • Establish successful email marketing strategy
  • Triple revenue and improve customer retention and LTV


YoY increase in email marketing revenue


YoY increase in overall company revenue


YoY increase in repeat buyers


YoY increase in holiday email channel revenue

Goal 1: Establish Successful Email Marketing Strategy

Prior to working with Tinuiti, Bryan Anthonys had only sent a couple dozen emails (developed and launched without much overarching strategy) to their audience. We worked directly with their team to build their email marketing content strategy from scratch, including email template designs (crafted by our in-house Creative Services Team), copywriting, calendar creation, and production workflows.

After getting foundational elements for their program in place, our team recommended Bryan Anthonys migrate away from their email service provider (ESP), as it no longer met their needs and would not allow their program to easily scale. We provided recommendations for a new ESP and oversaw every step of the migration. We also helped support their migration to a new eCommerce platform shortly thereafter.

Tinuiti has been an integral part of our team since we’ve started working with them.
They’re incredible at what they do and have helped us grow our
email channel revenue over 100% every year.

Ed Glassman – CEO & Co-Founder | Bryan Anthonys

Goal 2: Triple Revenue and Improve Customer Retention and LTV

Bryan Anthonys sought out our email experts to not only create their email strategy, but to manage it full-time as an extension of their internal team. With their trust given over to our team, Bryan Anthonys now has an email marketing program that produces 10+ emails per month in addition to a dozen automated workflows to support key touchpoints in the customer journey. What’s more, our team continues to own the development of net new initiatives and lead optimization efforts focused on lead generation, email capture, product launches, holiday strategy, and more.

As a result of these efforts, Bryan Anthonys’ email channel has increased revenue by 1,027% and improved the number of repeat buyers by 354%.

“Bryan Anthonys places explicit trust in us to execute and continue to elevate their email program, while they focus heavily on launching new products and continuing to push new users to sign up for email. Allowing us to focus on our area of expertise gives us the freedom to branch out creatively and compliment Bryan Anthonys’ efforts while also pushing continued email program growth.”

Emily Collins Strategist, CRM & Email Tinuiti

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