Francesca’s Collection Achieves 34% Email Revenue Growth Through Personalized Offerings
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Francesca’s is a clothing boutique that strives to provide guests with a one-of-a kind shopping experience. With over 700 boutique locations and an online presence, Francesca’s eclectic and carefully-curated clothing mix combined with personal, in-store stylist connections encourages their guests to return time and time again.

Francesca’s turned to Tinuiti in 2016 to better connect its unique brand offerings and engaging content with email subscribers.









“Through the team at Tinuiti, we have access to the latest trends in email usage and best practices for email design and content. Engaging mobile shoppers who connect with Francesca’s while in-store or on-the-go is crucial to us, and Tinuiti enabled us to engage them more successfully in our email programs.”

– francesca’s

Revamped Email Campaigns Increase Revenue 

When new subscribers originally entered Francesca’s email list, they received a single text-based welcome offer with a one-time code. To maximize the new subscriber experience, we built a comprehensive introduction to Francesca’s offerings through a three-message series. We tailored the content based on whether or not new subscribers purchased. Both sets of welcome messages invite shoppers to connect on social media and in stores.

For those who haven’t interacted with Francesca’s emails, we devised an re-engagement series. This series is important to maintain optimal subscriber list hygiene. The re-engagement series encourages subscribers to visit Francesca’s website through showcasing new seasonal products and personalized picks based on browsing behavior.

To recapture visitors who departed the site without purchasing, we launched a two-message cart abandonment series. In addition to highlighting the abandoned item, we include a selection of recommendations based on what other categories and products the recipient may be interested in purchasing.

Mobile-Friendly Call-To-Action Boosts Signups

Now, almost half of the time spent shopping online occurs via mobile devices. We spotted an opportunity to offer smartphone and tablet shoppers an improved signup experience on the website.

How? We revamped and optimized the site overlay window for both desktop and mobile users. The new overlay now includes prominent discount offers and language on subscriber benefits. Thanks to this new design, new monthly subscribers have jumped by 40%—half of those signups are mobile.

Cross-Channel Store Initiatives Set the Stage for 2017

Francesca’s email promotions have potential to drive in-store traffic. Emails now incorporate a personalized location banner that spotlights the boutique nearest to the message recipient. The built-in map linking to directions and the store hours list makes it easy for shoppers to connect with physical outlets.

Additionally, Francesca’s is relaunching a text-to-join program. This makes it easy for store visitors to send a text to subscribe to emails. We revamped the back-end workflow on Francesca’s email platform to ensure the program works seamlessly for shoppers.

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