Performance Creative

Performance Creative is just what it sounds like. Creative for your brand that’s driven by performance–not opinions, not instincts, and definitely not egos.

A Moment-Based Approach to Creative

Because every consumer touchpoint matters.


A new perspective on the customer journey

We think about the marketing funnel as a progression of moments where your brand interacts with your audience at various moments of their decision journey.


We find all the moments

These could be seasonal events like Prime Day and Back to School, the next big pop culture happening, or brand-driven moments like launches, promos, and collabs. Our creative aligns with moments that matter to your consumer.


Why our approach works

Tinuiti’s moment-based approach is so effective because data drives the creative strategy for every single second of those moments – iterating, testing, and updating in near real-time.

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Paid Social

Tinuiti is an officially certified go-to indie agency partner to Meta, TikTok, Reddit & Snapchat. In the lightning-speed environment of social media, we keep you ahead of the moment with quick-turn performance analysis to deliver & iterate creative.

We Create:
High-Impact Units Video AR/VR Experiences

Creative Services Paid Social Partners

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Who told you advertising on streaming platforms is complicated and expensive? Tinuiti creates original streaming content and can also help you repurpose your existing video to tailor it specifically for the OTT, cTV, Linear & Audio environments.

We Create:
Original Video Productions Tailored Content

Creative Services Streaming Partners

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Amazon & Marketplaces

Compelling A+ content, Stores, DSP & DPI Creative? Done. We’re also all over advanced creative features like video, lifestyle images & store spotlights, creating a unified customer experience everywhere you sell.

We Create:
Conversion Driving DPIs Eye-Catching Stores Seamless, Branded A+ Content

Creative Services Amazon Partners

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Programmatic & Display

Go beyond banner ads with high-impact units like video, static, audio, and out-of-home advertising for a targeted, moment-driven approach.

We Create:
Dynamic Display Ads Visually Impactful Video

Creative Services Programmatic & Display Partners

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Lifecycle Marketing

Build a comprehensive and engaging communications journey in email, on mobile & on-site powered by your 1P data and stunning, personalized creative.

We Create:
Conversion-Driving Emails Personalized, On-Site Touchpoints Landing Page Design

Creative Services Lifecycle Marketing Partners

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Immersive Media

Come jump into the Metaverse with us. We’re already hard at work making AR lenses for Snap so your customers can immerse themselves in your brand without leaving their couch.

We Create:
Interactive Brand Experiences

Creative Services Immersive Media Partners

How Can You Bridge the Gap Between Brand & Performance?

A customer’s journey with your brand unfolds in an ongoing series of moments. Each of them is an opportunity to sell as you brand & brand as you sell. Our channel-led, data-driven, agile and iterative approach to creative bridges the gap between brand and performance.

We invented creative best practices

Native-Forward in Platforms & Channels

As a full-funnel performance marketing firm, Tinuiti has jumped onto every platform before it gains critical mass. We’ve been recognized as the official business partner of industry leaders like Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, Walmart, and Amazon. We’re out ahead of the latest trends, updates, emerging best practices, and experimental ad formats.

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CS ValueProp2_graphic
One Coin, Two Sides

Creative Strategy that Drives Performance

As performance marketers, we view strategy and creativity as two sides of the same coin. Our creative strategists take a full-funnel, moment-based approach to creative while never taking our eyes off the prize – your brand’s business objectives. Through audience, cultural, and media insights, our strategists craft creative testing roadmaps to optimize performance with creative as the lever.

Integrated Creative & Media Channel Teams

The Full-Funnel Creative Advantage

Tinuiti’s Performance Creative team is integrated into all of our media channels like Paid Social, Streaming+, Amazon & Marketplaces, Programmatic & Display, Lifecycle Marketing, and CRO. Performance data and insights from those channel experts immediately and the virtuous performance creative cycle begins again.

CS ValueProp3_Graphic
A Powerful Bunch

Creative Strategy that Drives Performance

If it can drive performance, our full-service Performance Creative department makes it. Every collaboration with your brand starts with Creative Strategy that aligns with your business goals so we can figure out how our studio team of copywriters, graphic designers, motion designers, video editors, and art directors can bring it all to life.

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