2-Part Course Series on Profitability FBA Analysis

FBA is considered one of the most influential levers third-party sellers can utilize to improve marketplace performance, but without a proper FBA analysis, many sellers will see their profitability fall short of projections.

While some sellers are seeing profitable returns through FBA, many are still looking for new revenue channels to drive bottom line growth.

In this 2-day seller course series, on February 16th & 17th at 11am (PST) former member of the Amazon Seller Services Team, Pat Petriello, and Stitch Lab’s Co-Founder, Jake Gasaway, dive into Amazon FBA profitability analysis & how to effectively expand into new sales channels.

The Agenda (more details below):

Day 1: How to Execute A Profitable Amazon Fulfillment Strategy

Topics Discussed:

  • How sellers should be thinking about FBA allocation
  • A New Way of Thinking About Amazon’s Long Term Storage Fees
  • Misconceptions & Myths to how FBA Fees Work
  • How to Decide Which Products & How Many to Send into FBA
  • How to Assess the Overall Profitability of Your FBA Strategy
  • LIVE Q&A



Day 2: How to Boost Revenue By Strategically Expanding into New Sales Channels

Topics Discussed:

  • Multichannel Selling – Today’s Landscape
  • Which sales channels you need to be exploring in 2016
  • How to turn your multichannel sales challenges into profitable gains
  • How to implement an effective pricing strategy to maximize profitability
  • How to utilize multichannel selling strategies to boost revenue up to 190%
  • LIVE Q&A


How to Execute A Profitable FBA Strategy & Expand into New Sales Channels




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