CPC Strategy Announces Website Relaunch

By Tinuiti Team

We are proud to announce not only the relaunch of our site, but our first major rebranding since we originally launched CPC Strategy over 8 years ago.

Rick Backus, CEO at CPC Strategy highlights some of the newest features of the company website:

Elevation of the CPC Strategy Brand

“This is actually the 5th website redesign since we founded the company in 2007, but it’s the first time where we prioritized the perception of the brand over our conversion rate.  We had to evolve our thinking to understand that not all conversions have the same value to a B2B company.

Users form their perception of your brand within seconds and our previous website didn’t represent the CPC Strategy brand externally the way we viewed ourselves internally. We needed a world class design to match our world class execution.”

Clearly Defined Client Solutions

“We needed to more clearly define what we actually do for our clients. We designed this section (below) to make our service offerings crystal clear.”



“We have made significant investments in our proprietary technology platform and our new site has a page dedicated to explaining how our CAPx platform actually works.”



Responsive Design

“Our previous site was not mobile/tablet optimized. We have been preaching the importance of a mobile friendly site to our clients for years and it was hypcritcal for us to not invest in the future.  Now our brand experience is consistent across desktop, mobile, & tablets.”

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Team Member Profiles

“Our new site allows CPC Strategy team members to link directly to their individual profile.  This allows our entire team to link to their profile in their email signatures which humanizes the interaction with our clients.”

*Secret user hint – roll over the team member’s professional photo to see their “fun” photo.



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