In June, Jim Yu, a contributor for Search Engine Land, wrote that PPC and SEO are both essential components of most search engine marketing campaigns. But which campaign should you spend more time on- SEO or PPC?

Siteber recently created an infographic that highlights the benefits and disadvantages of SEO and PPC:

SEO-PPC Infographic


Here are the key points from this infographic:

  • Companies using PPC campaigns can receive instantaneous results, while it could take months to generate organic search traffic.
  • PPC campaigns allow firms to continue generating traffic if their search engine rankings are adversely impacted by algorithm changes.
  • SEO provides a much higher return on investment, especially as SERP rankings improve.
  • Firms can lose money from PPC campaigns if they fail to execute them properly.
  • Consumers are must likely to trust organic listings over sponsored links.

Many experts debate the benefits SEO vs. PPC management, but both are both excellent strategies to generate high quality traffic. Marketers should consider using PPC to test conversion rates at the beginning of their campaigns and provide a steady stream of traffic after algorithm updates. SEO tends to offer a higher ROI over the duration of the campaign. Every marketer should incorporate both strategies in their SEM campaigns.

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