An In-Depth Look at Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads

By Tinuiti Team

Ad imagery and overall messaging are two of the most powerful components in creating a successful Facebook campaign. If ads aren’t eye-catching, visually appealing, or say anything of interest, users are going to scroll right past them.

To succeed on Facebook, it’s key to determine the best types of copy and imagery that will work well within each funnel: brand awareness, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

Advertisers are constantly pushing for more data and more insight on how different creatives across different ads are performing, as well as what type of creative pieces work best for their brand. Stock photos? Graphics? Short and sweet copy? Longer, more story-like copy?

Well, you’re in luck. Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Ads tool that launched at the end of 2017 gives advertisers invaluable insights they can use to create stronger campaigns.

What Is It?

The Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Ads feature automatically tests multiple variations of a single ad within a targeting group. Basically, it’s A/B testing on autopilot which means increasing efficiency for the marketing team, and getting overall better campaign results.

Win-win, right?

But How Does It Work?

The Dynamic Creative Ads tool dynamically pulls imagery and copy to serve different combinations of an ad. This includes images/graphics, videos, titles, descriptions, and calls to action across the target audiences.

It then determines which combinations produce the best results, allowing advertisers to then run the winning combo(s) in future campaigns.

Facebook says, “Dynamic creative will analyze which version of the ad performed best with each audience and in each placement, including News Feed, Instagram and Audience Network, giving you the insights you need to run the most effective ads and drive results for your business.”

It’s like having a full marketing team, but for a lot less money!

Who Can Use It?

This tool is now available to all advertisers, regardless of business size and advertising spend. Larger brands such as Oreo have access to it, but so do the mom and pop shop’s next door. This is great news, especially for small businesses, who tend to hold off on split testing due to limited advertising budgets.

The Dynamic Creative Ads tool currently supports conversions, app installs and traffic campaigns. Users can import the following types of creative for testing:

When you take a look at the performance breakdown, results of the tests tend to come in relatively quickly — you can run the testing campaign for as little as 3-5 days to see initial results. Utilizing this tool for a test before running a huge campaign could be a great way to find the perfect ad combo right off the bat.

In the end, Dynamic Creative Ads streamline the creative testing feature because advertisers no longer have to manually test ad components in a traditional A/B format. Not only that, but it allows brands to get quicker results (who doesn’t love that) to swiftly adapt campaigns and ultimately meet brand goals. Although this tool can be useful for any advertiser, it’s the perfect option for those with smaller budgets and limited creative resources. 

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