How to Get a Higher ROI on Facebook Ads Using AdEspresso

By Tinuiti Team

Following the announcement of Facebook Product Ads, we asked our experts here at CPC Strategy, “What the New Program Means for Retailers“.

Today, we take a closer look at AdEspresso, a start up program offering ad tools to make Facebook Advertising easy and profitable for small and medium businesses. AdEspresso’s goal is to help retailers sell more products, grow their fan base and increase engagement within their community.

AdEspresso’s dynamic ad optimization tool features:

Complete A/B Testing – Create thousands of different Facebook Ads in 3 clicks, test out multiple target audiences, and save preferences including audience demographic to be reused in another campaign.


Powerful Analytics – Detailed matrix, customize dashboards and identify Facebook Ad performance sooner to avoid wasted time and money on underperforming ads.


Optimize Campaign Returns – Access to their algorithm that provides suggestions to reduce PPC and improve returns on advertising.


The 500 Startup was recognized by Mattermark as one of the Top 25 fastest growing companies out of their entire portfolio and includes investors such as Atlantic Capital Partners, Vegas Tech Fund and Sierra Maya Ventures.

By 2013, the Italian ad agency had already raised $500,000 for the development of the program now headquartered in Mountain View with a technical team in Italy. Heinz, Oakley, Plasmon and Pirelli are just a few of the latest companies incorporating AdEspresso into their marketing program.

armando-biondi-adespressoWe interviewed Armando Biondi, co-founder at AdEspresso about the latest tool and what potential use it has to retailers:

What ad tool does AdEspresso provide to retailers?

The tool was developed for SMEs and SMBs because of its focus on simplicity, design and automation. If you need to test several variations of the same ads but don’t have either the time and/or the knowledge to do it, that’s where we can help. We offer all the ad types that Facebook offers with some dedicated extra features on top. We can help you the most if you’re an agency, an e-commerce, a start up or a small / medium brand.

Instead of creating every single version by yourself you insert 5 titles, 5 pictures and 5 demographic targets on AdEspresso and we create the 125 versions for you in a matter of seconds instead of hours of work. Then we push the version to Facebook and Facebook Analytics, packaging them in a way that’s more comprehensible and more actionable for you.

How can AdEspresso improve the reach of Facebook posts?

We recently implemented the Automatic Post Promotion. So, if you publish on a regular basis on your Facebook page you can set up a budget to be allocated on posts that receive a certain amount of likes/comments and/or specific types of content including video, image and links.  It’s again, all automatic, so you can set it and forget it, we do the work for you.

How can AdEspresso impact a retailer’s ROI?

If you’re a more advanced user we have an Automatic Rule-Based Optimization. When you create your campaigns you decide things like: “every time an ad performs 15 percent more than the average, increase the budget of 50 percent” or “every time an Ad performs 20 percent less than the average, stop it”. We executed them automatically and report back to you.

stephen-kernerStephen Kerner, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy weighs in on his recent experience with AdEspresso:

How would you describe your experience with AdEspresso?

This tool has really made the product work behind creating Facebooks Ads, a whole lot easier. This coupled with the ability to A/B test multiple variables all at once, makes the product very useful.

Are the analytics useful and relevant to retailers?

Yes, they are. It’s easy to A/B test with multiple different variables. You can clearly see the performance metrics and take action on the different variables that you are testing.

What are some changes or improvements you foresee?

If you are managing multiple accounts it can get cluttered and hard to tell which campaigns belong to which account. You can’t edit campaigns once they are created but I have been told this feature is coming very soon.

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