Seller Reviews: Small Addition, Big Impact

By Tinuiti Team

When you work with hundreds of retailers on a weekly basis, you tend to notice some trends.

In a recent study, one obscure trend we uncovered was the profound effect of integrating shopping channel seller reviews with your site. Many retailers already do this but not in the most user-friendly way.

The Problem

A good number of retailers advertise on comparison shopping engines like Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, and Nextag. A fair portion of these retailers also attain seller reviews by installing pixels from each of the CSEs.

With multiple seller review codes installed on their website, a retailer could unintentionally be bombarding their customers with multiple pop-ups to submit a review.

However, not having any seller reviews in place to begin with is a larger issue all together.

The Solution

Adding custom code to your site is essential to maintaining a user-friendly shopping experience. Code that consolidates each of the CSEs’ review pixels into one can ensure that your customer only receives one review inquiry.

Seems trivial, right?

The bottom line is that limiting the number of customer review inquiries at the end of checkout will increase the chances that they actually do leave a review.

More reviews = more store credibility = more click-throughs to your website.

The Results

When you complement a small change like this with a larger campaign management strategy, shopping channel performance can increase dramatically. We pulled out all the stops for our client, Zenni Optical, who didn’t have any seller reviews integrated with their site in the first place. Over the case of 7 quarters, overall campaign management with continuous optimization paid off in a:

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