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Using First-Party Data To Drive New Sales for Past Customers
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Founded in 1954 in downtown San Diego, CA, Jerome’s is a furniture retailer that worked with Tinuiti to be proactive when addressing the current privacy headwinds and the challenge of retargeting past purchasers outside of cookie-based tactics. The client had a desire to reach past purchasers at scale through Paid Search, Paid Social, and OTT advertising for households who have cut the cord. Jerome’s Furniture experienced small audience sizes and low match rates when manually uploading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) files to various platforms across channels.

By leveraging top martech solutions from Cordial and LiveRamp, Tinuiti’s Analytics team evolved Jerome’s first-party data strategy to increase audience size and match rates with Hulu, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Pinterest, Meta (Facebook), and TikTok.




CTR (with lower CPCs and similar CPMs)

CTR of site retargeting


CTR of prospecting

Search (Google & MS)



Search (Google & MS)


AOV (average order value)
growth in audience size

“Tinuiti helped us leverage our customer data from our CDP, Cordial, in powerful new ways. Onboarding first-party data to LiveRamp through Tinuiti opened new doors and opportunities across search, social, YouTube, and connected TV.”

Scott Perry, EVP of Digital Marketing, Jerome’s Furniture

How We Did It

Tinuiti’s Analytics team leveraged Cordial and LiveRamp to cleanse data, automate daily delivery of data, strategically segment customer attributes, and distribute targetable audiences to Hulu, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Pinterest, Meta (Facebook), and TikTok.

Jerome’s had over 16 years of purchase data equating to over $1 billion in revenue, so we dedicated multiple strategy sessions to understanding what data was available across the 1.2 million records in Jerome’s customer data platform (CDP), Cordial. These sessions highlighted data attributes such as customer lifetime value (CLV), available credit, product(s) purchased, and date of last purchase, which could be used to separate past purchasers into various strategies.

Tinuiti’s data-onboarding team worked closely with Cordial’s support staff to cleanse and format the data before accurately delivering it into LiveRamp’s system as a single file on a daily cadence. That single file was then segmented using LiveRamp’s technology by our Analytics team and distributed out to the platforms. The programmatic updating of real-time purchase data from Cordial to LiveRamp allowed individuals to move from one data segmentation to another and for that information to flow directly to media platforms. The media was paired with specific creatives per audience and platform.


These solutions allowed our team to grow audience size and match rates significantly on all platforms compared to direct uploads:

  • Google – increased match rate from 35% to 89% (leveraged LiveRamp’s Google Data Append product)
  • TikTok – increased match rate from 1% to 45%
  • Meta (Facebook) – increased match rate from 35% to 65%
  • Microsoft – new initiative with a 65% match rate
  • Pinterest – new initiative with a 75% match rate

Jerome’s Furniture and Tinuiti continue to activate first-party data as a part of their ongoing media strategy after its proven performance across all platforms. They’re currently exploring opportunities to use past purchase categories and products data to drive a dynamic creative optimization strategy in the future.

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