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Pelé Soccer Scores 33% Email Revenue Growth With Tinuiti Amidst Rebranding Campaign
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Pelé Soccer—formerly United World Soccer— is the leading retailer that curates the best official soccer gear from the world’s top brands. UWS partnered with the greatest soccer player of all-time, Pelé, to elevate the brand and fuel growth.

Pelé Soccer turned to Tinuiti in August 2017 to craft a rebranding strategy and establish an ongoing email program.








“The volume of new designs and content elements Tinuiti took on in a short period of time was impressive.Their work ensured that our rebranding was consistent and well communicated, and that the excitement generated by the launch translated into sales and new subscribers.”

Luke Davie | Pelé Soccer

Rebranding Support Enables Successful Re-Launch

With a rebranding rollout looming, we leapt into action to ensure the new Pelé Soccer logo, look and feel was universally deployed across all types of email. Our designers revamped the promotional email templates to fit across different screen sizes and eliminate the heavy text. In addition, we instituted a branded design for the first time for post-purchase transactional emails.

In two months, the email designs were complete and the new site launched. In the wake of the rebranding, natural SEO rankings dropped since the new URL hadn’t been processed by the search engines. During this time, we bridged the gap with a series of emails announcing the debut of the new site and name.

To capture new subscribers, we designed new pop-up windows inviting site visitors to sign up for email updates—both on desktop and mobile. Exit-intent overlays captured shoppers about to leave the site. This resulted in email subscriptions growing 11% in the two-month transitional period.

Targeted Approach Ensures Growth Through Transition 

Next step in the rebranding strategy was to liven up Pelé Soccer’s welcome email series and abandoned cart series with fresh content and offers. The welcome series entices new subscribers to engage repeatedly with the new website and spread the word on social networks. On the other hand, the cart abandonment emails reconnected customers with the abandoned items and similar suggestions.

Of course, we don’t want to forget those inactive subscribers! We helped Pelé Soccer reach an inactive subscriber segment who hadn’t opened an email in over six months. By sending a targeted promotion introducing the new brand, we earned back 2,000 subscribers—a considerable number for their growing list.

Pelé Soccer had trouble with Hotmail subscribers’ email deliverability. 85% of Pelé Soccer’s emails were flagged as spam. We helped Pelé Soccer gradually re-engage with this list by removing harmful addresses. Daily tracking allowed us to monitor results closely and achieve a complete turnaround. Now, Hotmail deliverability averages 99%.

Solid Foundation For The Future

Previously, Pelé Soccer engaged contacts sporadically. Now, we regularly schedule promotions to freshen up content and keep it relevant for our subscribers. Through a consistent and diverse email calendar, Pelé Soccer’s email-driven site traffic has grown year over year and overall email revenue jumped 33%.

Our strategists, content creators and designers serve as Pelé Soccer’s resident email experts. We work seamlessly with the brand’s marketing team to coordinate and execute new strategies and campaigns. Soon, we are launching a re-engagement program and personalized post-purchase series that offers content and complementary products.

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