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Peter Millar Increases Customer Loyalty Through Innovative Email Campaigns
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Peter Millar is a fast-growing luxury retail and accessory line who is known for their signature cashmere sweaters, casual clothing and formal wear. Anyone sporting Peter Millar on the golf course, in the office or on the town embraces that classic, old-world style that’s immersed in sharp detail, superb craftsmanship and the highest quality materials available.

Peter Millar teamed up with Tinuiti in early 2016 to increase engagement and customer loyalty through email marketing.

We worked directly with Peter Millar to revamp their email design and photography standards, finetune messaging within best practice and deliver data that drives decisions.

“Tinuiti is a trusted extension of our team. They’re an expert in the email space who strives to get inside of our brand promise in order to give our customers the best possible experience.”

Mike Kaselitz – Director of E-Commerce | Peter Millar

Revamp Email Design & Photography Standards 

We immediately collaborated with Peter Millar’s teams to give the brand an email design makeover. Since almost half of emails are opened on mobile devices, our strategists recommended designs that incorporate best practice for mobile legibility. This includes less copy with clear and bold calls to action.

In conjunction, Peter Millar’s team adopted email-friendly photography standards. Now, they minimize busy backgrounds and create product laydown shots with white backgrounds for that extra pop.

Engaging Subscribers Through Banners 

Additionally, we assisted Peter Millar in tailoring the design and boosting relevance to a broader audience. Therefore, widening brand engagement through the email channel.

We increase engagement by using banners and sub-banners that promote a mix of product categories and individual items. With this fun product mix, we provide Peter Millar’s subscribers with a variety of ways to interact with the email.

The Peter Millar design team takes the lead so the brand maintains a cohesive message and signature style. We conduct quality assurance testing and implementing code on Peter Millar’s email service provider, Bronto. We both contribute in brainstorming sessions surrounding key campaigns and trade ideas freely.

Finetune Messaging Within Best Practice

We implement and fine-tune Peter Millar’s trigger emails program to ensure recipients are getting the right number of messages at the right time. This is done by untangling post-purchase transactional emails and abandoned cart email glitches. Through supplying Peter Millar with in-house code expertise on Bronto, we minimize their development costs and prevent lost subscribers.

Peter Millar is also working with us on keeping the existing subscriber list up-to-date. Subscribers who haven’t recently opened or clicked messages are sent targeted re-engagement messages. These emails showcase new products, seasonal items and shipping offers. If these recipients don’t re-engage in the course of the series, they no longer receive emails. Thus, abiding by email best practice to avoid deliverability issues with unengaged email addresses.

Our experts advise Peter Millar’s team to enact suppression rules for active customers. Essentially, this prevents over-emailing immediately after a purchase and prioritizing if there is more than one trigger at play.

Data That Drives Decisions 

Through our updates and campaign performance data, Peter Millar can successfully gauge upcoming initiatives and evaluate new opportunities.

In addition to monthly performance updates, our team implements A/B testing and reports on results. Our proactive communication with potential challenges or glitches helps Peter Millar drive decisions that ultimately improve the customer experience.

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