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2022 Social Media Advertising Series


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There is no shortage of changes in the social media advertising landscape: the increased need for channel diversification, tools that accurately measure impact throughout the funnel, and the ever-encroaching metaverse — we’ll be covering all of it in this series, with experts diving into how to maximize your social media advertising impact with efficient video use, a measurement that accurately reflects your performance, and more.

Join us and our partners for a jam-packed day of everything you need to know to succeed with social media advertising this year.

What You’ll Learn:


Social Media Marketing

What Successful Leaders Need To Be Thinking About in 2022

2022 is going to be a huge year in social media advertising. Brands will increasingly utilize augmented and virtual reality so consumers can virtually try on items. Platform changes will necessitate strong channel diversification. And there are also continued privacy changes. Nonetheless, 2022 will be a record-breaking year – and you’ll want to make sure you’re taking advantage of what’s on the horizon.

In this session, our social media advertising expert dove into the most important things to think about this year: channel diversification, measurement, and new features like live stream shopping and augmented + virtual reality.


Avi Ben-Zvi

Vice President, Paid Social Tinuiti

Creating Engaging Videos

Everything You Need To Know To Produce Authentic Content Across Channels

The rise of TikTok has made video even more prominent across all social platforms – and flipped the script from highly polished content to the kind of authentic, user- and influencer-generated content that appeals to consumers.

In this session, we partnered with video creative agency ReadySet to talk about how to create engaging, authentic videos that work across platforms, and how to measure their performance.

kelsey miller headshot

Kelsey Miller

Director, Paid Social Tinuiti
john gargiulo headshot

John Gargiulo

CEO and Co-Founder Ready Set

Contextual Targeting in a Post-Privacy World

A Great Place to Start is Reddit, the World’s Largest Online “Community of Communities.”

Reaching your ideal customers is becoming far more challenging with increased signal loss, but engaging in online communities can be one way to mitigate these changes.

In this session, we partnered with Reddit, where hyper-specific, well-informed, and passionate communities meet on the Internet, to discuss how marketers can engage with unduplicated audiences through various paid and organic tactics.

jack johnston headshot

Jack Johnston

Senior Manager, Paid Social Tinuiti
leah smith headshot

Leah Smith

Director of Key Accounts, Mid-Market Reddit

Panel Discussion

The New Blueprint for Social Measurement Given Privacy Changes

Throw out your old measurement playbooks! The privacy changes over the last year have rendered them obsolete. The good news is there are ways to adapt – and our experts have the advice you need.

In this session, we partnered with Influencer Marketing platform IZEA and ecommerce helpdesk, Gorgias, to talk about the biggest measurement challenges we see with our clients, tactics to measure performance across channels, and our data-fueled predictions for how social measurement is going to change over the next year.


Natasha Blumenkron

Director, Paid Social Tinuiti
chelsea dyjak headshot

Chelsea Dyjak

Senior Manager, Paid Social Tinuiti
addi mccauley headshot

Addi McCauley

Executive Director, Client Development & Strategy Izea
rachel fefer headshot

Rachel Fefer

Rachel Fefer Gorgias

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