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Brand Protection on Amazon

What We Covered:

  • How to combat counterfeit sellers of your brand and remove unauthorized sellers
  • Utilizing Amazon’s brand registry to protect your trademarked brand
  • How to leverage Amazon’s toolsーand our expert recommendations on how to go beyond themー to prevent price undercutting and remove bad actors infringing on your brand
  • Ways we’ve helped our clients safeguard their brand integrity on Amazon

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Protecting your brand on Amazon requires navigating multiple elements, including monitoring prices, unauthorized sellers, your brand registry, and more. And, while Amazon has tools to protect your brand, more targeted support is often necessary.

In this webinar, we were joined by marketplace brand protection agency Brand Guard to dissect the most critical areas to maintain your brand integrity on Amazon, our expert recommendations on how to address these areas, and how we’ve done so for our clients.

Our Speakers


Megan King

Senior Account Manager, Retail Operations Tinuiti

Joseph Kovacs

Director of Business Development Brand Guarde

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