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Demystifying Amazon Marketing Cloud’s Attribution Model

What We Covered:

  • How to use AMC to answer the most pressing questions about your Amazon business
  • AMC reports that are essential to your brand and how to best leverage them
  • Using AMC to dive into custom attribution, including showcasing first touch and last touch on the customer journey
  • Get answers on the different types of ads users saw before converting, where your new-to-brand customers are located, and better measuring your performance during tentpole events

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Amazon Marketing Cloud is a holistic measurement and analytics solution, and can be a treasure trove of data that can be converted into insights to drive your Amazon business.

Learning how AMC works can give you a robust understanding of your audience and your performance on Amazon – but knowing where to begin is the tricky part.

In this webinar, our Amazon Marketing Cloud expert dove into how to utilize AMC to get the answers to your most pressing business questions on Amazon.

Our Speakers

Aly Fields

Associate Director, Marketplaces Tinuiti

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