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Driving Upper-Funnel Success & ROI with Video in Amazon DSP

What we covered:

  • How online video (OLV) can fuel your campaigns and retargeting efforts on Amazon DSP
  • From creative to targeting, expert tips on how to make the most out of video on Amazon DSP
  • How OLV helps fuel campaigns and retargeting
  • Case studies of how brands have utilized video in DSP to win upper-funnel success

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Expanding your reach – and getting in front of your target audience – can be challenging when advertising on Amazon DSP. But utilizing the online video (OLV) tactics in DSP can help you expand your retargeting pools and measurably increase click-through rates (CTRs).

Join us in this webinar as our experts discussed how our clients have vastly improved their upper-funnel reach on Amazon DSP with OLV.

Our Speakers


Joy Naglich

Specialist, Marketplace Programmatic Tinuiti

Mike Cooper

Team Strategist, Marketplaces Programmatic Tinuiti

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