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From Ads To Warehouses To Doorsteps

Unlocking End-to-End Success on Amazon

What We Covered:

  • How to be retail ready and navigate supply chain issues and other forces at play
  • Why ROAS is not a perfect metric – and the best KPIs to determine business objectives that reflect operational goals
  • Best practices to design your marketing mix to reflect your business objectives on Amazon
  • The planned, reactive, and emergent strategies you should be utilizing be agile on Amazon

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ROAS is a direct reflection of your ROI of Amazon advertising – but it’s not reflective of all of your business objectives, may not take into account your operational goals, and offers a limited view of your Amazon performance.

The way to truly follow your North Star is through expanding the KPIs you focus on, while at the same time creating a robust marketing mix, and connecting these to your overall strategy.

In this webinar, we partnered with Amazon sales analytics platform, Jungle Scout, to unpack how to rethink your KPIs on Amazon, the impact of operations on advertising, and how to win with an integrated approach.

Our Speakers

jeff banks

Jeff Banks

Strategist, Marketplaces Tinuiti

Connor Folley

General Manager and Co-Founder of Downstream by Jungle Scout JungleScout
Carrie Cerulli

Carrie Cerulli

Senior Account Manager, Retail Operations Tinuiti

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