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The 2022 D2C Summit


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Scaling your Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand requires an ever-growing toolbox, which includes first-party data, lifecycle tools like SMS messaging and loyalty programs, buttoned-up fulfillment and omnichannel marketing strategies, and a keen understanding of ecommerce trends.

The good news? Our subject matter experts, plus experts from across the industry, shared all the knowledge you need to grow and scale your D2C business in 2022.

What You’ll Learn:


How to Succeed Across Channels with Omnichannel Marketing

Growing your D2C brand requires a keen understanding of the major channels – and a holistic strategy that ensures they all work together.

We’ll start the day by partnering with direct payment fintech Klarna to cover how to utilize social commerce, a targeted audience strategy, and vendor relationships to win success across your channels.

justin maziarz headshot

Justin Maziarz

Director, Shoppable Media Tinuiti
olivia butter headshot

Olivia Butter

Head of U.S. Brand & Marketing Strategy Klarna

Consumer Data is a Treasure Trove: Put it to Use in Your Lifecycle Marketing

Every day, your customers provide valuable data and insights into their preferences, contact info, and potential future behavior.

This information can be a treasure trove for your marketing efforts – and all the more so when customers hand it over voluntarily because they trust your brand. In this session, our Lifecycle Marketing and first-party data expert will dive into how to fuel your lifecycle marketing strategy and better retain and reactivate customers through data.


Kellie Collins

Associate Director, Lifecycle Marketing Tinuiti

The Ecommerce Trends Every D2C Brand Needs To Know

Stratably founder and CEO, Russ Dieringer, will be hitting the biggest trends in D2C and how they could affect your brand’s 2022 strategy. He’ll take a deep dive into what companies are doing well right now and how you can also leverage these trends to grow your brand.


Russ Dieringer

Founder & CEO Stratably

Subscribe Now: How Subscriptions Drive Recurring Revenue & Customer Loyalty

Auto-delivery, also known as subscription payment models, can provide brands with recurring revenue while making life better for customers through ease of use and discounts.

In this session, our expert will dive into everything you need to know about different types of subscription models, how to utilize an affiliate strategy to make them even more successful, and how to measure their impact.

diana lozano headshot

Diana Lozano

Strategist, Affiliate Tinuiti

Beyond Email: How Loyalty Programs and SMS Can Help You Win the Hearts and Minds of Consumers

Your brand needs to do better than just email to communicate with your customer. Why? The huge increase in purchases made on mobile. The need to adapt messaging to each channel. And the growing consumer desire (especially Gen Z) to feel connected to brands.

In this session, we partner with loyalty experts Yotpo to explore how to weave your loyalty plan into your SMS messaging to create a cohesive Lifecycle Marketing strategy.

jacque burnside headshot

Jacque Burnside

Senior Manager, CRM & Email Tinuiti
scott elchison headshot

Scott Elchison

SMS Partner Manager Yotpo

Looking to Evolve your Business Beyond D2C? Here’s the Playbook

Expanding from D2C onto retail marketplaces requires operational soundness and as well as marketing prowess to grow your brand.

In this session, we partner with ecommerce fulfillment experts ShipBob to cover your playbook for success, including our expert tips on how to expand onto marketplaces – with real life lessons from our clients who have done it.

megan macdonald headshot

Megan MacDonald

Senior Strategist, Marketplaces Tinuiti
kevin marvinac headshot

Kevin Marvinac

VP of Partnerships ShipBob

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