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Youtube Measurement: Proving Out Performance on the World’s Second Most Visited Site

What We Covered:

  • Where YouTube fits into the online video ecosystem when marketers are trying to decide where to spend their next dollar
  • The challenges with measurement on YouTube and how to overcome them
  • Industry-leading research from Forrester that indicates where the market is headed in 2023 and how you can prepare

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YouTube is one of the most used platforms and has become even more popular with changing consumption patterns during the past two years. But, while diversifying across your marketing portfolio is critical, getting apples-to-apples measurements across video marketing is key to quantifying your success from advertising efforts.

In this webinar, our experts at Tinuiti and our Streaming agency, Bliss Point Media, with guest global market research company, Forrester, dove into everything you need to know about YouTube, including measurement and how it fits into your online video (OLV strategy), plus research data on what we’re expecting in 2023.

Our Speakers


Brian Binder

Senior Director, Programmatic Tinuiti

Nikhil Lai

Senior Analyst, Performance Marketing Forrester

Lauren Wolfen

VP of Client Strategy & Analytics Tinuiti

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