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At New Agency, we believe your Amazon Store should be a powerful immersive virtual shopping experience that can be used to exclusively showcase your brand and products.

Amazon Stores not only help to improve the aesthetics of your brand on the Marketplace – they also provide new opportunities to drive traffic to your entire catalog and increase conversion rates.

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Tinuiti was a great partner in the execution and launch of Natrol’s new brand store. The process was fast and efficient and the results really exceeded my expectations. I am excited to see how our new Natrol brand store impacts sales over the long term but early results provide much optimism!

Elan Vaknin, Director, Online Sales Channel | Natrol

The New Digital Storefront

You can no longer simply copy content from your Shopify store or website and hope it will work on Amazon. Because Amazon plays by its own set of rules, you have to take a sophisticated brand strategy that includes media optimized for your Amazon Store.

Our creative team is dedicated to understanding the complex inner workings of the Marketplace. We execute & manage all aspects of the Amazon Creative submission process and serve as your main point of contact for Amazon.

Responsive Mobile Expertise

With the majority of Amazon shoppers making vast amounts of their purchases across mobile devices, it’s essential for brands to implement a mobile shopping experience that eases the product discoverability journey, lowers the barrier to a shopper’s purchase intent & drives incremental sales lift across your Amazon Store.

Brand Deep Dives

We conduct an initial creative briefing process with every client to better comprehend your brand’s business objectives and target audience. We also evaluate your brand assets & engage in a deep understanding of your brand’s style guidelines, competitive considerations, budget, and site traffic.

Based on this information, we design, develop and deploy a customized and responsive Amazon Store with category/product pages optimized to drive highly qualified traffic to Amazon Product Detail Pages.

Conversions Fueled by Creativity

The correlation between Amazon creative content and increases in conversion rate are undeniable. We’ve got the data to prove it. But increasing conversions is just one of the many benefits to investing in an Amazon Store.

Our team also works in close coordination with account managers to drive off Amazon traffic to Amazon Stores using Google’s Display Network and Facebook audience targeting. Thanks to recent advancements, we can use Amazon Store URL tags to tie performance back to specific campaigns.

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