If you’ve ever purchased something on Amazon.com, you’ll notice Amazon’s product pages are organized by products. Other shopping portals- like Google Shopping and eBay organize product pages by sellers.

If you’re searching for a wrench for example- Amazon organizes that search by highlighting  wrenches details, while Google and eBay highlight merchants, and merchant details such as price and shipping:

Amazon product detail pages


Amazon’s product detail pages are the foundation for Amazon’s Marketplace search. Amazon organizes its search around product details — the product detail page on Amazon is pivotal for Amazon sellers. 

Anatomy of an Amazon Product Page

Like most elements of the Amazon Marketplace, Amazon’s Product pages are designed to maximize conversions. Product details, and additional products on the page are all organized based on what Amazon anticipates will add more value to the consumer, and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Most Product Detail pages on Amazon include the following features:

Amazon Product Detail Page

 Amazon Product Detail Pages

1. Title– Main title for the product (e.g. camelbak Hydrobak 50 oz Hydration Pack)
2. Brand– Product Brand (e.g. Camelbak)
3. Primary Image– Default product image for main thumbnail on the product page
4. Product Review Stars– Average rating for the product (not seller) based on Amazon user reviews.
5. Price- Product Price from the seller featured on the Product page (e.g. $64.99 from NextGen Sports)
6.Availability– Notes if the product is in stock from the seller (e.g. In Stock)
7. Seller and fulfillment method– Indicates which fulfillment method the seller winning the buy box is using. Or how the seller is going to send the product- generally either themselves or through Amazon (e.g. FBA)
8. Color– Color for the parent product on the product detail page (e.g Black). When shoppers select a variation (e.g. Red) on the main product page- that leads to a new product page, in the example below that would be for the Red HydroBak.
9. Variation options– Child variations available for the main product. Such as color, material, etc.
10. Size– Size of the parent product (e.g 50-ounce, medium)

Sell on Amazon detail page

11. Product features– Bullet point product information highlighting the major features of the product. Note: These features are aggregated by Amazon, and may not be from your store even if you’re winning the buy box.

Amazon Buy Box

12. Buy box– This is the CTA which leads shoppers to purchase the item on the product page. The seller Amazon determines is the best fit for the product page is noted as the seller (7 below) and items added with the main ‘add to cart’ button are purchased through this seller. ‘Winning the buy box’ or being the merchant Amazon features for the product page is a major advantage for sellers on Amazon.
13. More buying choices box– This box below the main buy box features additional sellers who sell the main product featured.

Amazon Product page details

Amazon Product Pages: Below the Fold

Below the fold on the Amazon product page, Amazon aggregates additional information to further encourage a purchase or an upsell.

Product Detail Page on Amazon
14. Frequently Bought Together– Amazon compiles products it deems similar or relevant to your purchase. For example if you’re purchasing  hiking gear, it might encourage items that are hiking related.
15. Customer Who Bought This Item Also Bought– Features items which were previously purchased by Amazon shoppers who bought the item you are viewing.
16. Product Description– Expansion of the Product Features section above the fold.

For more information on how Amazon aggregates information on Product Pages, check out this Amazon Marketplace video.

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