Today, features like Amazon Stores allow brand owners to design and create multipage stores to showcase their brands, products, and value proposition on Amazon.

Long gone are the days when Amazon sellers didn’t have the tools they needed to build brand equity and promote shopper loyalty.

Amazon Stores has quickly shifted from being a trending Amazon feature to becoming a brand essential for Marketplace success in 2020, and beyond.

“Amazon Stores are not only here to stay, they are becoming a fundamental part of a brand’s strategy on the Marketplace. With the release of more module selections and features, we can only expect Stores to continue to rise in discoverability and enhance the Amazon shopping experience for brands and consumers even more.”

– Hiram Cruz, Director of Creative at Tinuiti

Not only do these creative features help to improve the aesthetics of brands on the Marketplace—they also provide new opportunities to drive traffic (on and off Amazon) to a brand’s entire catalog. If you’re actively trying to provide a curated collection of your brand’s products in a custom-tailored shopping experience, Amazon Stores is where you should be investing your marketing dollars.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve got 8 of the best Amazon Storefront examples to prove it.


What is an Amazon Store?

Amazon Stores are a free, self-managed product that allows sellers to create a customized, brand-centric shopping experience within Leveraging Amazon’s intuitive, user-friendly template and feature options, brands can design multi-page stores that help shoppers easily navigate to the products and categories that brands choose to showcase. Through the use of customizable colors and an array of image, video, and text modules, they are able to translate their own site and overall brand experience to the Amazon platform.

The primary benefit of Amazon Stores is providing customized content to potential customers while introducing them to your brand. Each page gives brands the opportunity to ‘design it your way’ with lots of supportive content and freedom. It’s basically like creating your own ecommerce website on Amazon.

But the benefits of implementing an Amazon Store extend far beyond Amazon’s ecosystem.

Driving Facebook & Google Users to Your Amazon Store

With game-changing 2018 improvements to Amazon Stores it’s also possible to effectively track how well driving off-Amazon (including Facebook, Instagram, & Google) traffic to Amazon performs thanks to Amazon Stores Insights.

“Amazon Store Insights allows us to better quantify how that traffic that we’re sending performs. In the past, even though you could send traffic from Facebook to Amazon, you couldn’t track traffic – meaning you couldn’t quantify how effective the strategy was.”

– Pat Petriello, Director of Amazon Strategy at Tinuiti

Today, it’s a different story.

Brands with a Store are now in a prime position – no pun intended – to capture shopper demand off of Amazon. Learn more in our post about the benefits of driving off-Amazon Traffic to Amazon Stores.

The Best Amazon Store Examples

Looking for inspiration?

Whether you are launching an Amazon Store for the first time or seeking an upgrade to your current Store layout, we’ve got a list of some of the best Amazon Storefront examples on the Marketplace today:

1. Malibu C Amazon Store

We recently helped Malibu C design an Amazon Store that makes strong use of Background Video Modules, showcasing compelling before-and-after imagery near the top of the page, and a hard water simulation at the halfway point.


malibu c amazon store background video module


Their results-oriented video includes a text overlay highlighting some of the key features of Malibu C products, including their coveted standing as the #1 vegan hair wellness solution. Badges directly below the video expand on these brand cornerstones, using familiar imagery from the skincare and haircare space to highlight eco-friendliness, and plant-based, vegan formulas that are cruelty-free (not tested on animals.)


malibu c product features


Malibu C’s store also makes thoughtful use of showcase features, noting that their products are formulated with the purest form of Vitamin C. Shopping is simplified through an intuitive secondary nav that aims to funnel visitors to their most popular category products. So whether you’re looking for brightening shampoo for your blonde locks, or build-up battling scalp care solutions, the help your hair is craving is just a click away.


malibu c product categories


2. Indo Board Amazon Store

With countless gyms, yoga studios, and other communal fitness and wellness spaces closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are perhaps more people than ever looking for at-home options to help them stay active and strong. Balance boards make a smart choice no matter how limited your square footage, which is perfectly showcased in Indo Board’s instructional background video module, set to auto-play and loop.


amazon store indo board background video module


Indo Board also takes advantage of one of Amazon Store’s latest features – the Shoppable Image module. These allow brands to add hotspots to images that display your product, enabling shoppers to add them to their cart right from the image. This brings benefits for the merchant and the consumer alike, as they can be more certain than ever before that they’ve chosen the exact item they’re interested in.

Another exciting benefit of the Shoppable Image module is that it allows brands to showcase beautiful, branded lifestyle photography without sacrificing ‘add to cart’ convenience. By giving shoppers the flexibility to easily purchase your showcased products directly from the attractive imagery that helped earn their interest, brands are given the best of both worlds.


indo board amazon store shoppable image module


3. La Colombe Coffee Roasters Amazon Store

La Colombe has come a long way from the day they opened their first location near Philadelphia’s historic Rittenhouse Square more than 25 years ago. But even if you can’t make it to one of their 30 cafes across the US (and growing!), you can still enjoy the rich flavors and unique beverages they’re best known for.


la colombe amazon store hero image


We love the oversized images highlighting their newest creations and seasonal offerings, including the Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte and delectably frothy Oatmilk Draft Lattes. While the focus is undeniably on the images themselves, La Colombe makes every word count in the complementary text overlay, highlighting the most important elements of each respective beverage.

Below we see the enticing image of a Draft Latte nestled atop a pumpkin pie, drawing our eyes and taste buds in. And in the short snippet of accompanying text, La Colombe gives us some important top takeaways about the beverage, including:

  • Product name
  • Type of beverage (cold brew coffee base)
  • Ingredient spotlight (real pumpkin)
  • Sugar and caffeine considerations


la colombe pumpkin spice draft latte


Just enough information to ensure clicks will be qualified, but not so much information that it overwhelms the image. We’ll drink coffee to that!

Clicking into the respective categories in the top navigation, we find that La Colombe has artfully combined imagery and accompanying text throughout. On their Draft Chocolate Milk page, we are tempted not only by the slow drip of chocolaty goodness down the glass but also the assurance that this is a high-quality beverage made from premium cocoa and real milk.


la colombe draft chocolate milk on amazon

4. Merrick Amazon Store

Quality pet food brands understand that modern consumers have a lot of options to choose from and to earn a name for themselves in a competitive space, it’s imperative that they produce nutritious food that pets will enjoy.

Merrick highlights that they work with veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and scientists to craft recipes that meet your pets’ needs. Instead of showcasing a background video module highlighting the food itself, they give the most screen time to playful pups and a leaping kitty. While the adorable factor draws eyes in, it also serves to show that Merrick food is designed to keep your pets happy, healthy and active, providing the nutrition they need to be their energetic best.


merrick amazon store background video module


Scrolling further, we see they’ve made shopping directly from the page oh-so-easy, breaking out products into high level categories that help you quickly find the options available in the categories that most interest you. A “Best Sellers” section works well for pet parents who aren’t sure where to start, while the final images on their store homepage underscore the most important elements of their food, including each aspect of their 5-Star Promise, with a button to “Learn More” if you want the full Merrick story.


merrick 5-star promise

5. Zinus Amazon Store

If you’ve shopped for a mattress, bed frame, or sofa – or even plush dog stairs to help your pooch easily access a comfy spot on a mattress or sofa – you’ve likely seen Zinus products returned in the search results more than once. In fact, Zinus is “the world’s most loved online mattress & furniture brand” today, a claim to fame they proudly present right in the hero image of their Amazon Store.


zinus amazon store hero image


Zinus makes strong use of an array of Amazon Store features, including a robust navigation, modern lifestyle images featuring their products, popular catalog categories, and best seller and recommended product modules.

While the store is on Amazon, it feels definitively Zinus, accomplished in part through carrying over the same language style and color scheme they employ on their own website. They do a great job at connecting their brand and value propositions to the life you deserve, with gentle reminders like the below…


zinus amazon store text module


6. Verilux Amazon Store

Founded more than 50 years ago, Verilux light boxes mimic daylight by providing full-spectrum light without the harmful UV rays.

For those who can’t get outdoors, or there’s not enough natural light available, HappyLight® is a perfect product choice aimed at improving health and overall well-being.

In March 2018, our Amazon Creative Team worked directly with Verilux to design, develop and deploy a customized and responsive Amazon Store site map with multi-level category & product pages optimized to promote an immersive shopping experience.



verilux amazon store


Verilux’s Amazon Store Helps To Educate New Consumers:

One of the most important aspects of Verilux’s Store was to educate their consumers on their products.

Our team worked directly with Verilux to select the best hero images, graphics, and charts to educate visitors on the unique benefits of their light therapy technology.

We also managed all aspects of the Amazon Store submission process. There are a lot of policies and requirements for Amazon Creative. Because our team understands those restrictions and policies, we saved Verilux a significant amount of time on revisions & resubmissions.

Click to read Verilux’s full case study.


7. Advil Amazon Store

Advil is a household brand name for the common NSAIDs pain reliever, ibuprofen. Their extensive product lineup can be classified into four larger categories – Advil, Children’s Advil, Advil PM, and Advil Cold & Allergy products.

Advil Streamlines Shopping with “Add To Cart” Buttons:

To enhance the shopping experience, Advil leverages the “Add to Cart” and “See buying options” buttons to allow shoppers to buy directly from their Amazon Storefront.


advil amazon store products


Their Amazon Store also features a series of custom pages for easier navigation including:

  • Best Sellers – A curated collection of their top-performing ASINs
  • Advil PM – A page featuring Advil’s line of PM pain reliever products
  • Medication Delivery Method – Advil created specific pages for Tablets, Liqui-Gels, Gel Caplets, and Film-Coated options to help consumers find all available products in their preferred pill type


advil tablet amazon page

To learn more, check out our Advil case study.

8. BioGanix Amazon Store

Bioganix, a dietary supplement seller, wanted to differentiate their brand in one of the most competitive categories on the Marketplace.

According to an interview with Abis Hussain, Senior Marketing Officer at Relevium Technologies Inc., implementing Enhanced Brand Content and building an Amazon Store was critical for the success of BioGanix on the Marketplace.

In December 2017, BioGanix teamed up with Tinuiti to implement Enhanced Brand Content on their top 5 products.

bioganix amazon storefront

“We were very satisfied with the Enhanced Brand Content – so we decided to update our Amazon Store as well.”

– Abis Hussain, Senior Marketing Officer at Relevium Technologies Inc.

abis hussain

While brands can’t change the look and feel of Amazon itself to suit their target customers, Amazon Stores give you an unprecedented opportunity to carve out your own corner of the Amazon web. Luckily, this corner comes fully stocked with attractive features to help reflect who you are as a brand, and put what’s most important to your customers front and center.

Learn more here about how we can help you take your Amazon Store to the next level or contact us today to chat!

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