Amazon Product Video Metrics Now Available to Vendors and Sellers

By Tinuiti Team

As of now, brands selling on Amazon have access to metrics for videos (located next to the images on their product detail pages). This is a pretty big deal for both Vendors and Sellers and here’s why.

According to the Amazon announcement:

You can now see viewership metrics for videos you’ve uploaded via Inventory > Upload & Manage Videos. Track your views and engagement data to create content that influences your customers’ next purchase. To engage customers, we recommend that all products have at least one video as it helps to drive sales.

Videos can contain product details, customer testimonials, brand information, and more. Amazon also features video production companies that provide content tailored to our selling partners. Once these companies have your product, videos can be produced in 24 hours. You can then upload your video to up to 2000 ASINs.



Why Amazon Product Video Metrics Matter:

When it comes to online retail sites, Amazon is hands down the king. The site claims close to 2 billion visitors per month and a near-third of all online shoppers at any given time.

Naturally, this means a seriously big opportunity for advertisers.

And while plenty of brands are leveraging the megalith retailer, listing their products on the site and even using its fulfillment services, there’s now yet another way to reach potential customers using the Amazon infrastructure: Video

“We no longer just tell brands how important videos are – now we can show them the metrics,” Nancy Lee Mclaughlin, Director, Search & Enterprise Services | Amazon & Marketplace Channels | Tinuiti


nancy lee mclaughlin tinuiti

Amazon Video Tips

Amazon recommends combining video ads with other types of on-site advertising, including display ads, sponsored ads and more for best results.

Advertisers are also encouraged to keep video ads to around 15 seconds. Strong creative is also crucial, especially in the first few seconds.

According to Amazon:

Based on early testing, we’re finding that this placement performs best with strong, visually compelling content – ideally in the first five seconds – and that the optimal length is 15 seconds or less.

Amazon also recommends delivering your main message — without the use of sound or audio — within the first five seconds of the video. This ensures the ad is understood even when muted (the default setting).

How to Set Up Your Amazon Video

Setting up your Amazon Video Ads requires working with an Amazon Advertising expert. You can get started by answering the questions listed here. If you already have a managed advertising account with Amazon, contact your account liaison directly to get started with video ads.

They’ll be able to get you set up to begin the video advertising process.

Have questions about Amazon video ads? Contact us or learn more about Amazon Video Ads here.




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