Amazon Request A Review Button: 4 Great Reasons You Should Use

By Tinuiti Team

Your Amazon reviews were important before, but as more shoppers turn to ecommerce due to the coronavirus outbreak, generating positive Amazon reviews are even more essential than ever before.

For Amazon sellers, there’s good news: Amazon recently introduced a new way to ask for reviews with the Request a Review button

Let’s dive into what you should know about the Request a Review feature as well as four reasons to consider using it for your Amazon business.

“This feature enables everyone to request reviews and feedback safely and confidently, even if you’re not an expert on Amazon’s Communication Guidelines.”

rachel hoover

— Rachel Hoover, Customer Success Advisor at eComEngine


How Does the Amazon Request a Review Button Work?


The Amazon Request a Review button generates a product review and seller feedback request that is sent to the buyer by Amazon on your behalf.

An image of your product above five clickable stars is the most prominent part of the message, followed by a request for seller feedback with an additional five clickable stars. When the buyer clicks on a star rating, they are taken to Amazon to complete the review or feedback.


amazon request a review button


You can find the Request a Review button on the Order Details page in Seller Central.

Here’s an example of how the message appears in a buyer’s inbox:


amazon request a review example


Here are some details on how the feature works:


4 Reasons Why You Should Use the Amazon Request a Review Button


There are many advantages to using the Request a Review button. Here are four reasons it might be a good option for you.


1. It’s Always Compliant with Amazon’s Guidelines


Staying up to date with Amazon policies can be challenging, especially if you are selling products in multiple marketplaces.

The Request a Review message was created by Amazon and cannot be changed. That means that as a seller you can rest assured that the request will always meet Amazon’s communication standards, even if the rules change. This is a smart and safe way to request those all-important reviews for your products.

Additionally, using this system allows you to benefit from years of Amazon review data. This message is created to get results.


2. Better Communication Worldwide


Contacting the buyer in their preferred language increases your odds of getting a review.

By using the Request a Review technology, you can benefit from Amazon’s knowledge of their customer. The message will be delivered to the buyer’s inbox in their language. You don’t have to guess at their preferred language based on location data or hire a professional translator to communicate.

The Request a Review feature allows you to work smarter, no matter where your products are sold. Since buyers tend to trust what they know, it’s important to generate reviews in each marketplace you sell in. While Amazon will show international reviews on your listing, reviews from the buyer’s home marketplace are likely to increase trust in your product. Requesting reviews can help increase your sales, boost product visibility, and position your product higher in Amazon searches.


3. Set It and Forget It


Clicking on the Request a Review button for each of your orders can quickly become tedious, fortunately automation is available.

FeedbackFive allows you to schedule automation for the Request a Review button over a secure connection. Set your timing rules and activate the campaign, then focus on other tasks as FeedbackFive sends review requests to Amazon on your behalf.

“I can confidently tell you that this is absolutely the safest way that you can request reviews and feedbacks from your buyers…not only is the message compliant, but the actual method in which FeedbackFive is sending these messages is 100% compliant. FeedbackFive has authorized access to this new messaging system.”

louis mizzell ecomengine amazon

— Louis Mizzell, Product Manager at eComEngine


4. Every Seller Needs Reviews


The Request a Review system offers you another way to get reviews as well as seller feedback.

Both are essential to your Amazon seller health, but it can be challenging to get buyers to leave ratings. Amazon’s message is clear, concise, and very user-friendly. Adding this method of requesting reviews to your toolbox is a great Amazon strategy.

“Product reviews are essential, especially for brand owners. I haven’t met a single person that ignores the star rating when shopping on Amazon. The rating is the first facet people filter when shopping because they are not interested in any product that has a low rating.”

paul rice ecomengine

— Paul Rice, Director of Marketing at eComEngine


“Volume is key too. Two similar items, both with 5-star ratings can look very different if one has 400 reviews and the other has 8. It is all about building trust.” 


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