Tinuiti brings big thinking to the biggest screen in the house. With a performance-first approach to streaming, we’re driven by outcomes, not GRPs.

Bringing clarity of performance to non-click-based media.

Unskippable. Unstoppable. Immersive. Harness the power of video and audio streaming. Create an immersive experience that will drive your audience to action with our scalable, targetable, data-driven approach to Linear TV, Streaming TV, Digital Audio, and Online Video.

A Hybrid Approach

Brand & Performance as One

Performance marketing drives conversions for those already in a brand’s target market. Brand marketing creates new target markets by inspiring national conversation and momentum. Both are extremely important, and the beauty of Streaming and Linear TV is that unlike any other medium, they can accomplish both brand and performance. Our approach to Streaming and Linear ensures more eyes on your brand while still delivering the measurable performance that is critical to business success.
No Clicks, No Problem

Superior Measurement and Incrementality

Make no mistake, Streaming and Linear TV drive growth and we can prove it. Our patented solution, powered by Bliss Point technology, intelligently applies modern machine learning and optimization techniques to non-click-based media. That’s a fancy way of saying we can prove that Streaming and Linear TV are working, and we can show how incremental they are relative to other channels. That’s good news for high-growth brands looking to efficiently scale campaigns with full-funnel attribution.
Unified Measurement

Combine TV, Display, and YouTube

Ever notice how multiple channels all try to claim credit for the same orders, leading to incorrect attribution and inaccurate insights? To address this issue, we built a platform that can deduplicate across channels and identify the drivers of growth. This way we can determine which channels are actually performing, how they work together, and how to optimize media to build brands. And guess what? All of this critical information shows up in one intuitive dashboard, whether you’re running Streaming TV, Linear TV, Online Video, YouTube, Display, or any combination thereof.
Affordable Scalability

Premium Content at Non-Premium Rates

We’ve not only built the most modern measurement and optimization technology available in Streaming today, we also deliver cost savings to our clients – effectively lowering the barrier of entry to video advertising so your brand can afford to get in on the act. How? Glad you asked. Our early entrance into the ecosystem means we’ve spent years building direct relationships with major media publishers such as CBS, Hulu, ABC, Roku, DirectTV, Disney+ and Netflix, leveraging our sizeable media purchasing volume to keep CPMs low, and avoiding third party platform fees that can quickly ramp costs.
Cost, Pricing, Media Buying, and Data

Transparency, the Radical Kind

Where are your Streaming media dollars going, exactly? Seems like a direct enough question yet it can be really hard for brands to get a straight answer. That’s why we are committed to (some might say obsessed with) providing total transparency into the incremental value of your spend. Real-time campaign details are a tap away 24/7 through our app, and we have built custom data pipelines with most of the brands we work with. But transparency isn’t just about numbers on a dashboard. It’s about being honest and clear with our clients. That means providing as much data as possible, never hiding bad news, and always keeping clients informed (and excited) about how we’re approaching the future together.

Not Just Marketers, Econometricians

Statistics, Economics, Regressions (not handwaving)

Econometricians. They’re like magicians, but they use math and statistical models instead of rabbits and hats. Tinuiti’s got an office full of them, and they’ve transformed the video ecosystem into a measurable and incremental performance channel. Trained in data analytics, SQL, and statistics, their job is to put their PhDs to work to apply empirical rigor to marketing problems and create product solutions to our brands’ most pressing marketing challenges.

Core Services



Run ROAS-focused, scalable television campaigns with full-funnel measurement and optimization



Solve fragmented buying and non-click attribution problems using our core measurement platform and diverse music/podcasting buying practices



Leverage custom data pipelines with automated delivery, real-time detailed insights, fully accessible dashboard/UI, and a dedicated technical team


Extend video campaigns to cord-cutters, with 1:1 attribution, predictable & highly efficient CPMs, nearly unlimited inventory, and extensive targeting abilities


Elevate full-funnel attribution, network-, device-, geo-, and creative-level performance data, trends and insights, always-on Incrementality, and conversion lift



Take guesswork out of the buying process with algorithmic optimization. Drive growth within channels, and balance your marketing portfolio to drive performance

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