Tinuiti brings big thinking to the biggest screen in the house. With a performance-first approach to streaming, we’re driven by outcomes, not GRPs.

Bringing clarity of performance to non-click-based media.

Unskippable. Unstoppable. Immersive. Harness the power of video and audio streaming. Create an immersive experience that will drive your audience to action with our scalable, targetable, data-driven approach to OTT, Linear, Streaming TV, and Digital Audio.

Measurable Performance

Out with the old, in with the new

The terms “impression buys” and “GRPs” don’t work for us because they don’t move the needle on our clients’ businesses. These outdated approaches have nothing to do with modern performance campaigns. TV has been notoriously hard to measure. But those days are behind us now. Our Streaming+ division has developed patented, machine-learning technology that can accurately measure what brands care about—performance. We work closely with you to define the imperatives: visits, add to carts, subscribers, orders, etc., and then train our patented measurement and optimization tool directly onto those targets.

Machine Learning designed exclusively for streaming

Guesswork, removed. We make non-click-based media trackable, attributable, and optimizable by approaching the optimization problem like mathematicians who also happen to be marketers. Our patent-protected solutions, powered by Bliss Point technology, intelligently apply modern machine learning and optimization techniques for superior results measurement, every time. Our Attribution Graph is what allows us to solve the biggest conundrum in OTT and audio advertising today—connecting served impressions to clients’ marketing outcomes.


Right Ad, Right Person, Right time

Our Algorithmic Creative Optimization process exists to answer one question: What is the yield-maximizing creative deployment at any point in time given the underlying media? Our patented Machine Learning tech takes all the variables into account (creative, device, channel, audience) and outputs a function that is passed onto the Optimization Engine.

The Engine then spits out the yield maximizing creative deployment by device, day of the week, and hour of the day based on past performance. Creative is optimized across the convergence of screens—Advanced TV, OTT, Data-Driven Cable TV, Programmatic Broadcast TV, Addressable TV, YouTube, and (yes) traditional TV as well as audio.

Own Your Own Data

Performance, made transparent. As the world moves to a privacy-based web, brands need to own their own data. At Tinuiti we see ourselves to be stewards, not owners, of your data. Our job is to organize data usefully, analyze it like the data scientists we are, and then take what we’ve learned to make the types of decisions that drive performance.

All while giving you full transparency into the incremental value of your spend that is accessible on-demand in our Mobius app. On a fully accessible dashboard/UI, you get real-time detailed views of investment and performance. It’s your data—you should be able to access it whenever you want so you see not just how every TV dollar is spent, but also how it’s performing. We also pride ourselves on being honest and clear with clients. That means providing as much data as possible, never hiding bad news, and always keeping our clients informed (and excited) about how we’re approaching the future together.

Direct Network Relationships

Our clients should have the kind of access that results in efficiencies, and open exchanges for video simply don’t cut it. Exchanges have limited inventory, are expensive, and ultimately don’t scale. In order to clear this hurdle, we’ve spent years building relationships with major media publishers such as CBS, Hulu, ABC, Roku, and DirectTV. And these are not just buyer/publisher relationships we are talking about here. Our direct API integrations give you access to predictable, highly efficient CPMs, nearly unlimited inventory, and extensive targeting options.


Diversify your channels

No silos here. As a center of excellence for Streaming+ that sits inside a full-funnel performance marketing firm, Tinuiti, we can connect your Streaming performance with your other digital marketing channels and measurement platforms, so you can accelerate overall brand performance across every screen your audience happens to be looking at.

Level up your learning.

Our OTT experts provide the resources you need to develop your brand, advance your content, and master your audience.

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