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Refreshing the Pipeline with an Omni-Channel Strategy

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The Challenge

Electrolyte drink mix brand Liquid I.V. faced a significant challenge: its marketing strategy had reached the point of diminishing returns. After a surge in demand for wellness products during COVID-19, sales hit a plateau. 

Liquid I.V. had perfected its marketing tactics on Facebook and Google, which served as its growth engine for years. But as COVID-19 subsided and consumer priorities shifted, the brand knew it needed to diversify into unfamiliar channels.

Targeting its core audience of Gen Zers and Millennial moms, Liquid I.V. aimed to grow market share by finding and engaging new fans in new places. To be successful on these uncharted channels, the brand asked Tinuiti – its digital marketing agency of record and a market leader in TV, audio, and social campaigns – to be its sherpa.



increase in ROAS from Reddit campaign


increase in ROAS from TikTok campaign


brand awareness lift from Snapchat campaign

How We Did It

Tinuiti set to work developing an omnichannel strategy that cleverly targeted audiences in their favorite online spaces. After extensive market research to identify the most resonant platforms, Tinuiti homed in on the explosive popularity of TikTok, Reddit, Snapchat, and YouTube to find exactly who Liquid I.V. was looking for.

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With this audience-centric focus, Liquid I.V. and Tinuiti collaborated to craft innovative, attention-grabbing campaigns that resonated on each platform: Tinuiti created and ran TopView Ads on TikTok, which leveraged high-impact video ads to increase site traffic and brand awareness. These featured user-generated content, with genuine fans driving the campaign’s authenticity. On Reddit, Tinuiti organized an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Liquid I.V.’s subreddit. This live, interactive Q&A session gave users a chance to ask questions (e.g., “What’s in Liquid I.V.’s formula?” and “Should I switch to sugar-free?”) to a registered dietician, who responded with scientifically sound and brand-forward answers.

The team created an Augmented Reality Lens for Snapchat, offering an immersive AR experience that playfully paired users with the Liquid I.V. flavor that matched their personality. This enhanced user connection with the brand and achieved an incredibly strong last-click ROAS. The teams collaborated to implement YouTube Shorts, bite-sized videos that drove broad awareness across key audiences.

tiktok screen grab of woman with Liquid I.V.

Throughout this process, the marketing remained agile, as teams continuously adapted strategies based on performance and quickly doubled down on the most effective tactics.

This diversified marketing strategy measurably revitalized brand interest. TikTok and Snapchat campaigns significantly increased site traffic with a strong ROAS. Further, the Snapchat campaign drove a 2.5x lift in brand awareness. Reddit’s AMA sessions exceeded expectations, driving a 94% reduction in cost per acquisition and an astonishing 17x increase in ROAS.

By forging into new and uncharted territory, Tinuiti reinvigorated Liquid I.V.’s pandemic growth, creating long-term success while supercharging consumer engagement and interest.

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At Liquid I.V., we think about our media mix from an audience perspective. We want to be there with our customers, engaging with them in their new favorite places. So being agile and early is a must. We really appreciate that Tinuiti is on the cutting edge of new offerings across platforms – it ensures we’re getting the right mix of channels to grow our business.

Brooke Cullison
Director of Ecommerce & Media, Liquid I.V.

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