It’s possible that you aren’t selling more on Amazon because your product information stinks. Many Amazon sellers focus on bidding and Buy Box optimizations while ignoring or under-utilizing product information.

High-quality product information is the base for successfully improving discoverability and buyability on Amazon.

Below are some easy product information improvements you can use to increase sales and exposure on Amazon.

Proven Product Detail Page Improvements to Increase Conversions on Amazon

Amazon product information is shared on product pages- including product features/bullet points and description: product information

For more information on what’s on an Amazon Detail page, review the anatomy of an Amazon Product page.

Amazon aggregates the most relevant and comprehensive information across sellers who are selling the same Amazon product (as identified by ASIN or UPC). This factor leads many Amazon sellers to ignore or submit limited product information- for fear of helping competitors and to limit work for themselves.

While this is a logical conclusion, online shoppers make their purchase decision based on the information available to them- product information which is on the Amazon product detail page.

If you aren’t sending detailed product information, and your competitors aren’t- what type of information is available for consumers to determine if your product is something they want to purchase?

Better Amazon Product Images

Google Product Listing Ads can speak towards the success of product images for online sales- which garner more visibility and conversions on search. Shoppers rely heavily on product images to make purchases online.

Amazon provides the ability for sellers to display multiple product images for each product page- with multiple views, expanding and zoom functions:

Amazon product page conversion

Effective product images provide useful information to customers such as dimensions, product quality while simultaneously wetting a customer’s appetite. 

Amazon provides the following product image suggestions:

  • Image(s) matches the product description in size, color, and product attributes
  • The product is recognizable
  • The image is a photo and not a drawing
  • The photo is taken at a flattering angle.
  • The product is focused and well-lit.
  • Close-up shots are not obscured by highlights or shadows.
  • The product occupies at least 80% of the image area
  • The entire product is depicted in the image
  • Backgrounds are simple and clean so as not to distract from the product.
  • Be sure to submit multiple, high resolution product images to Amazon for each product you sell on the marketplace.


You may also want to consider the following product image best practices:

  • Including pictures from different angles
  • Featuring shots which provide reference for product sizing
  • Highlighting the product in use
  • Include swatch or alternate product images
  • Feature pictures of ingredient lists, or other relevant package details:


Amazon product image optimizations

In addition to providing professional product images be sure to align with Amazon’s Product Image Requirements. To add images to Amazon, follow these Product Image directions.

Better Amazon Product Pricing

Price is consistently one of the top three purchase factors for online shoppers across major product channels including apparel, digital goods, and accessories. Amazon specifically is known for its competitive pricing, as the marketplace pits sellers against one another to offer the best products and prices to customers possible. Your competitors are actively Repricing, and maintaining lower prices to garner higher sales and more visibility on Amazon search.

Your online store margins, budget, and products are different than other sellers- so don’t panic if you aren’t the cheapest seller on Amazon. Do your homework, and offer the best prices you can for Amazon shoppers.

Consider the following Amazon pricing best practices:

  • Research competitor prices for top selling products
  • Consider shipping costs as part of your total item costs
  • Provide clear pricing and shipping information (include charges and delivery times
  • Review your shipping options, and contemplate including free shipping if possible to boost sales (Amazon typically offers free shipping on all orders over $25)
  • Feature free shipping for products under a certain price threshold (e.g. $10). No one wants to pay $5 in shipping for a $10 item
  • Consider leveraging an Amazon Repricer, but be wary of technical glitches
  • Competitively price items you can afford to lose some profit on
  • Leverage other Buy Box factors if you have tight margins
  • Consider utilizing Amazon Fulfillment (FBA)
  • Don’t sell all of your products on Amazon
  • Remember Amazon uses List Price


To update product prices and shipping on Amazon, visit Settings within your Amazon Seller Central.

Better Amazon Bullet Points

Amazon testing reveals that effective bullet points increase sales. The better your descriptive bullet points for product pages- the more you will sell on Amazon. Alongside product images and other product information, Amazon shoppers use bullet points to glean key product information. 

Review your top selling Amazon products, and submit detailed bullet point information to optimize your online sales. (Note: Amazon chooses bullet point information based on aggregate seller data).

Amazon recommends the following bullet point best practices:

  • Highlight the five key features you want customers to consider:
  • Maintain consistency across products
  • Feature important information from the title and description
  • e.g.: Dimensions, age, contents, etc.
  • Begin each bullet point with a capital letter
  • Write with sentence fragments and do not include ending punctuation.
  • Do not include promotional or pricing information
  • Include product benefits in each bullet points alongside the product benefit:

Amazon product details for more conversionsHere is an example of a well branded, but too basic product bullet point list:

Amazon product information best practices

Product details affect how well your products sell on Amazon and also influence where they can be found on Amazon search pages. Take the time to submit comprehensive product information, even if it seems time consuming.

For more Amazon product information selling tips, review the following resources:

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