Study: Amazon Product Ads The Highest Converting CSE in Q3

By Tinuiti Team

Breaking News: Google Shopping is No Longer Tops In Every Category.

Don’t Call it a Comeback

For the first time since Q4 2012, Amazon Product Ads has the highest conversion rate among the top 10 comparison Shopping engines. This is according to our newest Comparison Shopping Report for Q3 2013 (coming out Oct. 23)

In the span of one year, Amazon Product Ads has converted at:

With a conversion rate of 2.78%, Amazon Product Ads posts its highest conversion rate since it last led the pack last Q4.

More Breaking News: Google Shopping Not Even #2 in Conversion Rate in Q3 2013

Believe it or not, nudges Google Shopping for 2nd place in highest conversion rate with 2.42%. BUT, don’t be fooled. Google Shopping still remains as the highest earner among its CSE peers.

Overall, the data tells us that traffic to Amazon Product Ads (NOT Marketplace listings, though it’s probably also high, too) is very qualified.

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Why do you think 1st place Google Shopping’s Q2 conversion rate of 3.41% dropped in Q3?

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