Last year Americans spent $126 on Valentines day per person roughly $17 billion in total, 1/5 of which was spent online.

Here are some interesting Valentine’s Day statistics to consider for 2014 sales.

 Valentines day spend

2014 Valentine’s Statistics

  • Valentine’s is predicted to generate $17.3 billion in revenue.
  • 54% of Americans say they won’t celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.
  • 48% of Americans will buy candy this year, $22 on average per person.
  • On average Americans men plan to spend $133 on valentine’s day this year, and $56 for the average woman.
  • Americans from the age of 25-34 will spend $114 each vs. $58 for those 34 and older.
  • 40% of shoppers will purchase Valentine’s presents at discount stores.
  • 16% of Valentine’s presents will be purchased online.
  • 32% of tablet owners plan to purchase online
  • 24% of mobile users plan to purchase online.


Sell More On Valentine’s Day

Here are some unique ways to capture Valentine’s day traffic for your online store.

Know your Valentine’s day shopper.

On average American men plan to spend $133 on valentine’s day this year, $56 for the average woman.

What are you shoppers looking to buy on Valentine’s and how can you help them accomplish that goal? Consider:

  • Run Valentine’s day sales specific to your audience, and sub-groups.
  • Remarket existing
  • Feature special Valentine’s sales.
  • Offer customization for Valentine’s presents, such as gift wrap.
  • Segment your email list by gender on Valentine’s.
  • Send a special email to shoppers who bought on Valentine’s last year.
  • What age are most of your shoppers? Consider them when designing material and sales.


Know When People Shop

Are your shoppers getting Valentine’s presents before or on the holiday?

  • Remind your shoppers about Valentine’s day using email marketing. Even if your store doesn’t have a connection with the holiday, reach out to let your customers know your thinking of them.
  • Run a contest before Valentine’s Day for a Valentine’s treat.


Tell People What They Want To Know

62% of adults say they celebrated Valentine’s day, are you communicating with your online audience?

  • Note shipping dates for Valentine’s delivery clearly on your site.
  • Highlight customer testimonials about your store and Valentine’s.
  • Feature blog content with Valentine’s suggestions and gift ideas.
  • Highlight gift items which are on sale or under certain price buckets.
  • Suggest gift ideas based on gender, relationship and personality.


What are you doing to boost Valentine’s Day sales this year?

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