Healthy Food Initiative

By Tinuiti Team

No one ever looks forward to Mondays. After a relaxing weekend and watching your favorite football team win on Sunday it is hard to get back into work. Mondays are different at Elite. Every Monday morning all of the offices get a delivery from our friends over at Fresh Direct with boxes & boxes of handpicked snacks for the week. Cheerios, kale chips, fresh fruit, beef jerky, chocolate covered pretzels, and so much more. A new selection of snacks arrives every Monday across all of the Elite offices.

We started our “healthy snack initiative” about 6 months ago with just breakfast foods. Waking up to go to work is hard enough so we thought to make it just a little easier for everyone by providing healthy breakfast choices in the office. Soon breakfast turned into a mid-morning snack which led to an afternoon snack. Now we are ordering snack to sustain us throughout the day.

All of our food choices are healthy & well-balanced to help power through those long days of optimizations & keyword build outs. Almonds, dried fruit, Cliff bars, we got it. Our fridges and cabinets are always fully stocked with yogurt, almond milk, almonds, Cliff bars, & of course Sriracha. In addition to the snack cabinet we have an entirely stocked wall full of different coffee and tea K-Cups all at our disposal.

Keeping in Elite’s culture it is important that all team members are happy, healthy employees and we feel the best way to promote this is by starting the day off right with wholesome breakfast.

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