Snapchat Dynamic Ads to Personalize Customer Experience

By Tinuiti Team

Snapchat recently announced that its Dynamic Ads offering, previously in US-only open beta, is now available worldwide. Dynamic Ads can take your Snapchat advertising to the next level and help you reach more Millennial and Gen-Z audiences.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Snapchat Dynamic Ads. 

What are Snapchat Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic Ads let businesses automate and personalize ad creation on Snapchat. Companies can upload their entire catalogs to Snap, then automatically add products to ad templates and show those ads to relevant consumers. If the availability or price of the product changes, the ads will automatically update in real-time.

The automated aspects of Snapchat Dynamic Ads mean less time spent on administrative work for advertisers — while reaching a broader audience. Dynamic Ads can be a powerful, simple way to scale your Snapchat advertising through mobile-native templates.

“The coronavirus has accelerated the need for businesses to look at their digital sales channels and encouraged them to be more innovative in how they do that,” Ed Couchman, general manager of Snapchat UK, said in a statement. “We are seeing strong results from advertisers in multiple sectors from high street clothing stores to food delivery who have been testing the product.”

“With Snapchat’s introduction of Dynamic Product ads, advertisers now have the ability to dynamically retarget users based on their on-site behavior which increases relevance and drives up conversion rates. Snapchat is now a channel that can drive full-funnel growth from Brand Awareness down to conversions and revenue.”

michael skehill

– Michael Skehill, Senior Manager at Tinuiti

How do Snapchat Dynamic Ads work?

Here’s how to set up Dynamic Ads on Snapchat.

1. Upload your Product Catalog 

Dynamic Ads pull product information and images from your Product Catalog feed in real-time. When you upload your Product Catalog to Snap’s Ads Manager, your ads will automatically update when price or availability changes. You can upload your Product Catalog to Snap through a manual upload or a schedule data feed sync, like through Shopify. 

Once you upload your Product Catalog, you can create Product Sets to select and group products to show in your Dynamic Ads. When creating Product Sets, you can filter products based on title, brand, condition, and more. Product Sets help ensure that your retargeting ads are relevant to your audience based on the products they’ve viewed on your site.

2. Set up Snap Pixel

You also need the Snap Pixel to run Dynamic Ads on Snapchat. Like the Facebook Pixel for advertisers, the Snap Pixel generates a piece of code for marketers to place on their website to track the actions of audiences that convert on Snapchat Dynamic Ads. Snap Pixel lets you track how your Snapchat advertising results in actions on your website, like signups and sales. 

Learn more about Snap Pixel for Dynamic Ads in Snapchat’s guide

3. Create your Dynamic Ads in Ads Manager

In the Snapchat Ads Manager, click the menu in the top corner, select ‘Create Ads,’ then select ‘Advanced Create’. Once in the creation flow, select the ‘Catalog Sales’ campaign objective. Next, choose which Product Sets to include in the campaign.

You’ll need to pick between 2 Dynamic Ad workflows: Prospecting and Retargeting. 

If your goal is to reach as broad of an audience as possible, select Prospecting. Prospecting allows you to get your ad in front of more users, even if they haven’t visited your website before. Uner “Audience Type,” choose “Prospecting.” Make sure that the Product Sets align with your target audience’s interests. 

If your goal is to target users who have already visited your website and viewed your products, choose Retargeting. Retargeting ads use the Snap Pixel to target users who viewed and/or added products to a cart but didn’t complete their purchase. These users will see ads featuring either the product they viewed/added to their cart, or any other products in the same Product Set. 

4. Set up your Dynamic Ad creative

Next, you’ll need to input the name, brand, and headline that will show on the top corner of your ad. You then choose a template for your ad creative. Snap has five templates available:

You can choose which template fields to display in your ad. The field values are automatically pulled from your Product Catalog. Snapchat defaults to showing the product title and price, but you can pull in any two fields of your choice from your catalog. 

Finally, choose your ad’s background color. If you select Automatic, Snap will generate the background color based on the colors in the product image. 

Once you input all of the above, Snapchat will generate Dynamic Ads to show your target audience. For a more in-depth guide to building Snapchat Dynamic Ads, see Snap’s complete guide here

The benefits of Snapchat Dynamic Ads

“In partnership with our media agency, Tinuiti, we utilize Snap ads to efficiently help our consumers shop for new eye, lip, face, and skincare products, and implemented Dynamic Ads to further optimize and personalize our ads for our customers. We continue to innovate and optimize across Snap’s ecosystem, which has led to significant drops in CPAs, one of our priority performance marketing objectives.” – Kory Marchisotto, CMO, e.l.f Cosmetics

Dynamic Ads make it easier for brands to advertise to prospects and retarget website visitors. Dynamic Ads automatically pull in the information from your Product Catalog, including changes on price and availability, so that you don’t have to worry about constantly updating your ads. The built-in templates also take the work of building from-scratch creative off your team’s plate.

With Snap Pixel, you can also show Snapchat users ads tailored directly to their interests based on the actions they’ve taken on your website. You can choose to cast a wider net by showing prospective customers ads featuring Product Sets targeting their interests. 

Reaching 90% of all 13-24 year-olds and 75% of all 13-34 year-olds in the US, Snapchat continues to be a powerful way to advertise to Millennials and Gen-Z — a group with a combined spending power of $1 trillion.

If you want to target these tech-savvy groups, it’s time to think about advertising on Snapchat. 


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