8 Social Statistics To Rethink Your Strategy

By Tinuiti Team

This is a guest post by Eric Morgan. Eric is the President of Adaptivity Pro and has been working in ecommerce since 2004. 

Why You Should Embrace Social Media Marketing

Social media statisticsSocial media is revolutionizing the business industry, changing traditional day-to-day marketing and advertising. Businesses of all sizes can embrace this popular movement, which is proving to have intense staying power.

People of all ages are on social media sites.
Companies need to specifically target market audiences to make the most of tweets, posts and other social media efforts.

Who is on Social Media?

These demographic statistics show that social media websites are not just popular among teenagers and 20-something age groups. With more baby boomers joining social media sites, it’s important that companies create an all-around branding and marketing technique that reaches a wide audience base.

Social Media: What Should You Do?

Get Started

With more companies joining the social media bandwagon, this popular form of advertising allows companies to stay directly connected with customers and clients, provide them with information and keep their business names on the forefront of social media users’ minds.

Post Often

Keeping social media sites up-to-date is important, as it helps generate interest, while simultaneously showing the public that businesses are professional. Keeping sites fresh means asking questions to capture audiences’ attentions and displaying knowledge, which helps to build credibility. Companies’ social media sites benefit from visual graphic posts, calls to auction, industry news discussions and product releases.

Go Mobile

With Smartphones becoming more popular, it’s important that companies consider adopting mobile-friendly websites to accommodate Facebook social media links and advertising.

Use Video

Companies that have product demonstrations or video advertisements should consider exploring this advertising option. While a single YouTube advertisement may not reach millions, continual advertising efforts can increase the number of views, ultimately resulting in more revenues.

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