How To Grant Google Analytics Access: Old & New Interface

By Tinuiti Team

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone bought you lifelong personal training sessions? Google basically did just that when they created Google Analytics  for online merchants. Want to see how your business is performing well, or where you should cut back a bit, what about where customers are leaving your site? Analytics has those answers. 

Although Google designed Google Analytics to be user friendly, web Analytics can be confusing, and its not always clear quite how to find certain information. Your trainer can tell you to eat a healthy diet, but what should you eat, and where should you shop?

Grant Google Analytics Access In 8 Steps: The Old & New Way

As a Google Analytics Certified Company, we want to make it easier for you to navigate Google Analytics. Over the next month, we’ll be going over Google Analytics How To’s for Online Merchants, starting with how to grant Google Analytics access to new users.

Why Grant Google Analytics Access?

Google Analytics was designed to help online merchants and business owners analyze web site data. However, information about your website and conversions is not something you want so share with the public, so its important to monitor who can view and change things within your Analytics account, or different profiles. To do this you’ll need to grant Google Analytics user access to those individuals.

You can grant different levels of user access for Google Analytics including the ability to Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate and Read & Analyze.

Previously user access was differentiated between user access and administrative access.

User access for Google Analytics  lets that person view profiles (views) information but does not give them the power to make any account changes. You may want to do this to let your manager look at performance data, or generate reports, etc.

At the next level, you can give Administrative access on Google Analytics, which allows that individual to make changes to your Analytics account for multiple profiles. This would be a good option if someone else is managing your campaign.

For more information on adding, modifying or deleting Google Analytics users, check out Google’s directions.

Give Google Analytics Access: The Old Way

1. Login to Google Analytics and click the Admin tab at the top right of any page in Analytics:

2. Click the Analytics account to which you want to add an administrator. If there is more than 1 account, select the primary Analytics account you use to track performance of other campaigns.

3. Click the Users tab:

Google Analytics user access

4. Click + New User:

Google Analytics give user access

5. Enter the email address for the user’s Google Account:

Google Analytics add new user

Separate multiple addresses by commas or spaces. Remember to enter the email you use to login to the retailer’s AdWords account.

6. Select the user role below the email address field (typically Administrator):

Google Analytics user permissions

7. Click Add User to create the new user:
8. Return AdWords to finish linking this GA account to AdWords, see Google’s support page here.

Grant Google Analytics Access The New Way

1. Login to Google Analytics, and select the Admin tab:

Google Analytics user access

Select User Management on the left:

Google Analytics Access, user permissions


Grant Google Analytics access

2. Add an email for the person you would like to add permissions for:

Give Google Analytics access

Keep in mind you can tailor what type of access each user can have:

Grant Google Analytics access, user premissions

And now that special user can have access to your Analytics data.

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