Q4 2012 CSE Rankings: Home and Garden Edition

By Tinuiti Team

Last Monday, we released our quarterly rankings for the top comparison shopping engine (CSE), for Q4 2012, based on metrics like revenue, conversion rate and cost of sale (COS).

Just like we do every quarter, we’ve further broken down the comparison shopping engine rankings to include top categories:


Below we’ve expanded further upon the rankings and broke down the performance of our home and garden merchants.

Home & Garden Merchants: Which Shopping Channel Should You Use?

We’ll assume that you’ve familiarized yourself with the full rankings and we will avoid redundancy by skipping all the fine print.

The charts below show each of the objective criteria that we used to rank the engines in our original study.

Within each chart are the rankings for the specific category, as well as how they compare to the overall rankings—dark blue is the specific category, light blue is how they stacked overall.

To be clear, “Amazon” refers to Amazon Product Ads and not the Marketplaces.

Top Traffic for Home & Garden on the Comparison Engines 

Home and garden category broken down by best comparison engine

Google PLA barely edges out here (who gets a good amount of traffic from Google PLA itself) with Nextag just right behind it.

Pricegrabber barely trails it with Become and Shopzilla just behind it too.

Highest Ecommerce Revenue for Home & Garden 

Top CSEs for the Category Home & Garden

Again and Nextag are just barely behind Google PLAs.

Top Conversion % for Home & Garden Sellers Online

Which CSE converted the best for the Home & Garden category?

Pronto is dominant here with Nextag and Pricegrabber right around the 2.0% level.

The two Google’s follow it up with Shopzilla just a touch behind it.

Which Shopping Engine has the Best COS (Cost divided by Revenue) % ?

Which CSE had the best cost of sale for the Home & Garden category?

COS is higher across the board here for all CSEs with Google PLAs leading the way, and Nextag plus Pricegrabber behind it.

Cost-Per-Click Rates for Home & Garden on the Shopping Channels

Which CSE had the best cost-per-click rate for the Home & Garden category?

With the ability to bid below a standard “rate card” Google PLA and Pricegrabber lead the way here.

Best Comparison Engine for Home & Garden 

Which CSE should Home & Garden merchants use?

Google PLAs finishes on top here but Nextag isn’t far behind. Pricegrabber, Shopping, and Free Google round out the top half.

As with any effective CSE campaign, good management strategies and paying attention to your campaigns are both keys to making the most of your CSE spend.

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