How to Leverage Customer Data for Successful Paid Media Campaigns


According to Forbes, only 13% of companies have a high degree of confidence that they are maximizing their available customer data. A marketers’ greatest tool is customer data, as it provides critical insights, makes marketing teams more effective, and allows brands to tailor support to each individual customer. Tune in to our webinar as we unpack how to properly leverage technology to unify first, second, and third party data to map your customers’ journey, connect off and online touchpoints, and advance your marketing strategy to increase your ROI on paid media efforts.

Topics We Covered:

  • How to approach people based marketing
  • Leveraging first, second, and third party data
  • Driving top performance through unification of data
  • Paid media strategies derived from multi-touch attribution
  • Connecting off & online touchpoints to advance marketing efforts


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Our Speakers

Reese McGillie

Director, Insights & Analytics


David Rifkin

Managing Director, Agencies

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