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The Email & SMS Marketing Guide

How to Innovate, Integrate, and Economize Across Your Messaging Channels

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The need for zero- and first-party data isn’t going anywhere. And while you know that, you may not have a comprehensive strategy for how to use it yet.

You’ve probably spotted inefficiencies across your messaging channels and are keen to convert them into opportunities to optimize for conversions, but you haven’t gotten there yet. And, like all marketers, you’re likely highly concerned with getting the most performance out of every dollar you spend.

Using zero- and first-party data and having a cohesive omnichannel strategy are no longer just nice-to-have, but a need-to-have in order to succeed now and future proof your strategy. The good news is that Tinuiti experts know how to navigate these challenges and opportunities and are partnering with some of our favorite industry experts to share their insights.

We sat down with leading experts across email, SMS, app, and on-site messaging and condensed our learnings for you in this primer that walks through the most important topics in lifecycle right now.

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