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A Comprehensive Guide to Snapchat


What We Covered:

  • What differentiates Snapchat from other social platforms and how marketers can take advantage of its uniqueness to engage with audiences in a new way
  • How to leverage Snapchat at different parts of the funnel, as well as what a full-funnel strategy looks like on the platform
  • How to leverage AR on Snapchat right now, including using it as a lever to drive commerce
  • How brands are leveraging Snapchat to drive brand awareness and conversions at the top and bottom of the funnel

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The way users engage in Snapchat is completely different from other social platforms. With its utility as a visually-driven messaging tool and the ability to use AR to create distinct brand experiences at various levels of the marketing funnel, marketers have a unique ability to connect with users on the platform.

In this webinar, our social experts teamed up with Snapchat to discuss how your brand can leverage Snapchat in a full-funnel, comprehensive social marketing strategy, including how to utilize AR and commerce capabilities. We’ll also share case studies of how brands are succeeding on the platform.

Our Speakers

Lauren Walden

Lauren Walden

Associate Director, Paid Social Tinuiti
Nadav Geft

Nadav Geft

Manager, Global Agency Development Snapchat

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