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Retail Media Masterclass
Budget Planning, Media Mix & Measurement

What We Covered:

  • The next level in where, when and how to invest your Retail Media dollars
  • How to build out ad strategy in Walmart and Instacart
  • Not the 101, or 201 –but the 301-level of how to successfully manage your Retail Media
  • A hands-on workshop to developing a budget strategy across marketplaces

Register to View On Demand:

How do you budget for multiple retailers? What Retail Media networks align with different strategies? How do you measure the holistic impact across all of Retail Media? How do you optimize budget and media plans accordingly?

Budget is increasingly harder to optimize, and in this webinar, we unpacked all of your Retail Media budget questions and talked about how to effectively manage budget.

This is a 75-minute hands-on webinar – make sure to have your worksheet pulled up before starting the session (it will be linked in the email confirmation!)

Our Speakers

elizabeth marsten headshot

Elizabeth Marsten

Group Director, Marketplaces Tinuiti

Mark Gray

Specialist, Marketplaces Tinuiti

Stuart Clay

Associate Director, Marketplace Strategic Services Tinuiti

Lizzie Allan

Specialist, Marketplaces Tinuiti

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