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Your customer’s email inbox is arguably the most personal part of their Lifecycle Marketing journey with your brand. That’s precisely why your emails need to be designed with the recipient’s needs in mind — not your brand’s.

The eyes might be the mirror to the soul (but the Inbox reflects the soul of the subscriber.)

Your personal email inbox reads like a diary of who you are. What you value. What you’re curious about. And what brands are meaningful to you. Unlike most other forms of advertising, email is something people actually sign up for. But the magic only happens when you truly understand your audience’s intent.

Journey, Data-Backed strategy

Bespoke Emails, At Scale

The days of brands sending the same exact email, at the exact same time, to all their subscribers is yesterday’s news. Today, consumers expect brands to leverage the first-party data at their disposal to craft emails ‘just for them.’ As a full-funnel, full-service agency, Tinuiti can help you deliver just that – for everyone.

Strategists That Live And Breathe Email

Full-Service Solutions

Face it: Email programs are a lot to manage. With so many sends, promotions, and trigger series required for success, it can be a challenge to handle in-house. Full-service marketing means our team can take responsibility for the ongoing strategy, testing, deployment, and overall management of your email marketing program—so you don’t have to.
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Email Tune-Ups

Let our marketing scientists lift the hood and conduct a deep diagnostic of your email program. We get our hands dirty examining your process, identifying gaps, strategy, customer profiles, and data before diving into your business goals. After this tune-up, your Lifecycle Marketing campaigns will run like a dream from the jump.

35+ Point QA Check List

Deliverability Resolution &

Database Management

Most email programs face serious deliverability challenges at some point. Whatever the stumbling blocks are, our team has seen it all and can come up with a plan to fix them. We also offer database management to maintain and improve list health, help make system migrations, and provide data-driven strategic recommendations to support all of your email campaigns.
Expertise In Over A Dozen

ESP Selection & Migration

Selecting an Email Service Provider is an arduous process. Even more complex is migrating to a new ESP. Let us help you with both. An ESP expert will do a deep-dive provider analysis and comparison to help you determine which is optimal for your brand. Tinuiti also provides end-to-end migration for brands of all sizes and types, providing a hands-on approach from start to finish.

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Even better together.

Your customer doesn’t just live on one channel, which is why our services work holistically for maximum results. For Email Marketing, we recommend looking into the following offerings:

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