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Outfitting a New Audience with OTT Streaming


The Challenge

Among its core audience of men aged 55 and older, luxury fashion brand Brooks Brothers has long been a household name. Established in 1818, the brand is synonymous with classic, high-quality, timeless apparel. 

In an increasingly competitive fashion landscape, Brooks was ready to expand beyond its core demographic, endeavoring to attract a net new audience of Millennials with the same passion for premium garments.

But for a brand that built its reputation on heritage and classic fashion, reaching and appealing to a modern, tech-savvy demographic was no easy feat.

Brooks Brothers worked with its full-funnel performance marketing agency, Tinuiti, to effectively increase brand awareness, engagement, and conversions among this new audience.



Lift in overall conversions


Revenue growth over prior period


Incremental site visits

How We Did It

The Tinuiti team began by deep-diving into the Millennial demographic’s media consumption habits and preferences. The agency chose over-the-top (OTT) advertising as the channel of choice, due to its expansive Millennial user base, advanced targeting capabilities, and efficient spend options.

Leveraging platforms like Netflix and Hulu enabled Tinuiti to target key audience segments using parameters provided by back-end data (e.g., age and viewing habits). With this granular approach, Tinuiti could effectively tailor the brand’s messaging to the Millennial audience. The team leveraged Brooks Brothers’ compelling creative, highlighting the brand’s timeless quality while at the same time appealing to Millennials with younger models and modern fashions. 


To drive conversions, the Tinuiti team incorporated QR codes into the ads. By scanning the code, viewers were brought directly to Brooks Brothers’ website and given immediate access to looks featured in the ads. These campaign-specific landing pages were coupled with exclusive, time-sensitive offers.


This custom-fit approach resonated with the new audience. Compared to the previous period, conversions increased by 20% with 3,000 incremental visits to the brand’s site. With a 46% surge in revenue, this campaign launched Brooks Brothers’ effective entry into the Millennial market, extending the brand’s heritage and reach to a whole new market.


Appealing to a new audience is never easy, but Tinuiti’s digital marketing expertise helped us make a major leap into a new audience. From the beginning, Tinuiti acted more like a business partner than a marketing partner to help us achieve our goals. The team’s idea to introduce QR codes was a game changer. Our target audience could immediately access our site and styles without the barrier of needing to search, creating a frictionless, streamlined experience that was a pleasure to engage with.

Andrea Silva
Sr. Director of Digital Marketing, Brooks Brothers

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