What Are The Boldest Amazon Predictions [For The Next 5 Years]?

By Tinuiti Team

In preparation for our second annual AdDiego event, CPC Strategy asked our registrants to take a poll: “What is your boldest Amazon prediction for the next 5 years?”

We received almost 80 responses but managed to narrow it down to 10 popular predictions below.

Keep in mind, these predictions get pretty wild (from online organ donation services to dating apps to commercial airlines) but who’s to say what’s possible and what isn’t.

As I’m sure most of us remember – not that long ago drone delivery and underwater storage were pretty far-fetched ideas too.

Bold Amazon Predictions (from our readers)


1. Amazon enters banking & finance

AdDiego attendees predicted that Amazon will move into banking, loans, and finance within the next two years.

Amazon has already dabbled in retail, video, content, music, grocery, logistics, cloud/software, brick & mortar &, soon, healthcare. Seems logical given their reliance on third party vendors & not to mention the massive customer base presents credit & interest opportunities.



Amazon cryptocurrency is a logical next move for the global retailer who in 2017 achieved $178 Billion USD in sales. According to reports in 2017, 25% of Amazon seller’s revenue came from cross-border sales. The Amazon cryptocurrency would establish a unique, unified eCommerce platform for autonomous sales across political borders.

With their own currency and as a global giant in eCommerce, Amazon is set-up to have strong cross-border sales with a growth rate of 50% YOY.

The Amazon cryptocurrency would also accelerate the velocity of global growth. It would definitely be placed to establish a unique value to optimize market sales & take further control to garner efficiencies for unimagined fiscal independence of the future.

2. Drones reduce emissions (& deliver pizza)

If Amazon is capable of successfully launching a fleet of drones to deliver packages, this opens up the air for pizza delivery. Will Amazon buy up these delivery services and create a monopoly? Perhaps.

But moreover, this could take thousands of people (who currently individually drive their cars mindlessly all over their neighborhoods) off the streets.

Ultimately what I’m getting at is – Amazon could in fact be a contributing factor to reducing gas emissions. Yes, what I am about to say is even hard for me to type out: Amazon may save our planet with their delivery drones.

3. Amazon makes Philly home

Amazon will choose Philadelphia (as their next headquarter location), purchase Philadelphia-based Comcast, and revolutionize the way cable is sold by offering ‘networks by the channel’ for a truly bespoke viewing experience.



4. Amazon aligns with healthcare industry

In the next 5 years, Amazon will get into the healthcare industry. Gone are the days of lengthy wait lists to replace that ailing kidney. You will be able to buy and sell your vital organs in a familiar retail environment with fast shipping.

Amazon’s customer friendly return policies ensure you’re protected in case your body rejects the new organ. They will set up urgent care fulfillment centers where doctors will compete to give you the best pricing on everything from checkups to MRIs. Quickly review each provider’s star rating and user comments to ensure their care is the right fit for you.



Customers will use the Q&A section for quick diagnosis of nagging ailments from a host of doctors and other users that have suffered from similar symptoms. Like just about everything else on Amazon, it will be great for customers, but fierce competition will be rough on sellers, driving down the value of our bodies (Gasp!).

There will be a new fitness craze geared towards increasing the value of your body parts for sale on the channel. It will revolutionize treatment for everything down to the common cold. We’ll all live longer (so we can spend more money on Amazon, of course).

5. Amazon Basics (marijuana edition)

Amazon will be the first ecommerce company to ship and sell medicinal and recreational marijuana. They will first start intrastate of course, since they’re in Washington.

Once they figure out, or lobby for transporting across state lines you’ll see Amazon Basics marijuana. They will first start with CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabis products, but will then expand to edibles and flower.


6. Amazon vs. Walmart: A fight to the death

The Amazon vs. Walmart battle with continue to escalate. Amazon will feel compelled to enter the brick & mortar ‘department’ retail space. Amazonmart will operate at a loss for years,  offer unparalleled selection, undercut pricing, without the social stigma associated with Wally-world, effectively crippling Walmart.

At 5 years, my prediction is Walmart will be on life-support, within 10, it will be purchased and dismantled by Amazonmart.


amazon vs walmart apparel


7. To space and beyond…

Amazon will buy the international space center and register as the world’s first global company without any particular affiliation with a specific country.

Say hello to Earth’s first international company.


8. Amazon cars & housing

Amazon will team up with a car manufacturing company to begin creating Amazon-branded electric vehicles for consumers. The business model could be a hybrid of Tesla, Uber, and UPS where consumers can opt-in to deliver Amazon packages, Whole Foods products, and more.



Additionally, some readers believe Amazon will build communities surrounding their major warehouse with housing and other facilities for warehouse workers with living expenses deducted directly from paychecks.

9. 3D printing products

Forget inventory issues. Some reader predict that Amazon will begin custom 3D printing products, where customers can submit plans to them and they ship the final printed product to you.


10. Amazon enters gaming industry

With significant growth in the gaming industry, some readers predict Amazon will create their own original gaming solutions. With the capital they have, creating an innovative gaming development team should be easy. Right?

Got any ideas to add to our Amazon prediction list? Email [email protected] or comment below.

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