Ecommerce Retargeting Basics with Chango

By Tinuiti Team
Retargeting Basics

Today we’re excited to present our ecommerce business owners with a quick 5-question interview on the new hot topic of retargeting with Chango’s Director of Marketing, Ben Plomion.

1. How should online retailers know which service to look into – search or site retargeting?

When online retailers hear the term ‘retargeting’, they usually think site retargeting – the idea that an individual has visited a site, not converted and is subsequently shown ads for that site. This is a great tool that is performing really well.

There are other actions and intents to retarget other than a site visit. Search retargeting is one of those tactics. In this case the marketer is not targeting an individual who has visited the site, but is retargeting the action of doing a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing and has not yet visited the brand site.

The discussion is not as much whether online retailers should be using site or search retargeting. We are seeing an increasing number of retailers using both as complimentary online marketing tactics.

2. What are the benefits of search retargeting vs site retargeting?

Site retargeting is a tool to improve your conversions. If you are looking to find new customers, Search retargeting is much more effective.

3. In general, what are the respective ROIs from search and site retargeting?

It really depends on your goal and the type of metrics you use to assess the success of your campaign. We have clients who run both tactics and are routinely seeing 12:1 ROI using either tactic.

4. What’s the volume of search and site retargeting in respect to other marketing channels?

It’s still relatively small compared to SEM spend but definitely growing. Site retargeting has been around for a while is has been adopted by most online retailers. Search retargeting is a more recent technique which is experiencing tremendous growth. Today, Chango works with 35 of the top US online retailers and is continuously expanding into other retail areas.

5. What’s the next best step for a retailer looking for more information about search and site retargeting?

There are many resources available on retargeting online. Here are a couple of articles that we published recently on that topic:

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2012 Is The Year To Cut Your Site Retargeting Budget

And of course, there is the “Retargeting Exposed” white paper that we wrote recently: which summarizes our key findings. Very useful but of course we are a little biased 😉

Ecommerce Remarketing Wrap Up

Hope you enjoyed this beginner’s guide to site and search retargeting. We at CPC Strategy highly recommend that ecommerce merchants who have already established all major marketing channels (search, CSEs, SEO, etc) at least try out site or search retargeting.

One of the main things to keep in mind is that the ROI will likely be higher than most channels, but the volume will be lower. So the more traffic you have, the more effective your site and search retargeting programs will be.

If you’re interested in more ecommerce remarketing ideas for your ecommerce store, make sure you check out our latest blog post on ecommerce remarketing.


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