Google Engagement Ads: Boom or Bust?

By Tinuiti Team

Google Engagement Ads

This past December, Google announced that they’d be opening up their Engagement Ads program to everyone (it had previously been available to only approved, bigger brands since August). With the announcement came a more user-friendly campaign setup, ad availability on mobile devices, and a “Google Store Catalog,” which allows clickers to shop directly within the ad.


google-engagement-adsFor retailers, Engagement Ads can be considered a major innovation in dynamic display advertising, delivering a user-friendly experience on a CPE model (cost per engagement).

Available in lightbox ad, YouTube masthead, and store catalog format, Engagement Ads run on the Google Display Network and can be managed within the AdWords interface.

Google claims that Engagement Ads are 10x more effective than traditional display ads.

But should retailers and advertisers immediately flock to start campaigns?

The short answer is that small businesses without design resources (ad creation isn’t ideal yet) should wait for the program to mature, but medium to large businesses can really benefit from what will probably become the standard for display/banner advertising in the foreseeable future.

Check out the specifics on how to create Engagement Ads here.

In the meantime, look for more surefire ways like Google Shopping Campaigns to advertise your products in 2014.

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