Tips on Optimizing Product Pages and Increasing Sales

By Tinuiti Team

A well managed comparison shopping campaign is a great way to drive qualified traffic to your product pages but converting this traffic into customers doesn’t stop there. Louis Camassa over at Practical eCommerce has put together an excellent article on best practices to optimize your product pages for increased conversion. From the post-

Whether you are a planning on developing a new ecommerce website, or refreshing an existing site, focus on providing valuable and descriptive content for each product page. Not only will you see better conversions, but you will obtain much higher rankings within the search engines. Let’s face it: many people shop on line to find product details and competitive prices. If you provide them with the details they need to make a buying decision, and a price point in line with the competition, you stand a better chance at converting them into a customer.

There’s a lot of useful information that’s worth checking out, here’s the link to the full article

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