Are Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads Worth A Try?

By Tinuiti Team

Dynamic Creative ad units aren’t something astronomically new (Google has had DSAs for a while now), but just because it’s an old concept doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. In fact, we’ve seen a CPA decrease of 52% and ROAS increase of 98% after implementing these ad units.

Still not convinced? Let’s dig into a few specific reasons why I feel that Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads are worth a try:

1. Saves time and effort building ads.
2. Algorithms are smart-er-er.
3. More chances for success.
4. It works

Now, let’s start from the top.

Saves time and effort building ads

Building out multiple ad variations at once and allowing the FB/IG algorithm to choose which ad to push, Dynamic Creative Ads will save a ton of time and effort over the traditional building of individual ads (which can take 5x longer!).

When building Dynamic Creative Ads, it’s all in one ad build, which means that you provide FB with:

Up to 10 images, 5 bodies, 5 titles, 5 descriptions, 1 link URL, 1 CTA

From there, the algorithm creates different versions of ads, dynamically, to provide the best combo. Below is a quick interpretation of the above.

Facebook Dynamic Creative Ad

If you were to use all of the available options for this ad unit, Facebook would have over 1,000 ad combinations! Building those out individually and double checking for errors would take literally hours to do.

Not only that, but with so many ad variations, you won’t have to refresh the creative nearly as often as you would with traditional ad builds.

Algorithms are smart-er-er

No one really knows what goes on behind the scenes with the FB algorithm, but after millions of dollars of spend, I can tell you that it can be your saving grace at times.

As I always say: “Trust in the algo and nothing will go south-o.”

More chances for success

With Dynamic Creative Ads, you can build over 1,000 ad combinations with one ad unit. This puts the hard work on the algorithm, where it takes a number of factors into consideration when creating various ad combinations. That fact, combined with machine learning, will ensure that the best image, copy, headline, and description variations are being pushed to each customer.

It works

This is probably the most important point of all. Expanding on the first paragraph, not only were we able to bring down CPAs and increase ROAS, we did it by spending 15% less. Here and here are two more Facebook case studies showing increased efficiencies over normal, static ads.

Now, go forth and give these a shot and let us know how they worked for you. If you need extra help on these, shoot us a quick email, and we will gladly help.

If scaling your campaigns has piqued your interest in Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads, get more tips and tricks in our eBook, The Ultimate Guide To Scaling Your Facebook Advertising.

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