Tinuiti Selected As Meta Business Partner

By Tinuiti Team

Tinuiti is excited to announce that we’ve been selected by as a Meta Business Partner, a major milestone that officially sets Tinuiti as one of the top marketing agencies worldwide.

As a Meta Business Partner, Tinuiti now has access to exclusive resources, tools, and agency support to drive even greater results for our paid social clients.

The designation is a reflection of the Tinuiti Paid Social team’s track record of excellence in driving success for clients across Facebook and Instagram.


“The partner designation is a huge win for the Tinuiti social team and our clients. This additional support and recognition will be felt immediately. From top tier creative and measurement support to additional access to alphas and betas, this designation will only enhance the excellence our clients have come to expect from the Tinuiti social team.”

matthew pacheco

-Matthew Pacheco, Vice President, Paid Social at Tinuiti

Meta Business Partners

Meta Business Partners was recently launched to provide greater support to select agencies and their social clients.


The program has two tiers: Preferred Partners and Premium Partners.

Tinuiti’s designation as a Premium Partner means that our team has exclusive access to Premium Partner tools, enhanced product knowledge through training resources and live support, and a closer relationship with the Meta Business team to support our client’s marketing goals.

A New Era For Tinuiti’s Paid Social Team & Clients

The big takeaway here is that this is big news for Tinuiti’s Paid Social team, our existing clients, and future prospects!

Not only does the Premium Partner designation reflect the hard work and amazing results driven by our Paid Social team, but it also opens a whole new window of opportunity via Premium Access to Meta Business Partners agency resources.

tinuiti people employees

This Premium Partner access means:

As the Tinuiti Paid Social team continues to grow and evolve, we’re excited to bring even greater support & innovation to our social clients by leveraging the most sophisticated partner tools available, and most importantly, our deepening relationship and collaboration with Facebook as a Meta Business Partner.

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