Google Product Search End of Quarter Traffic Drop Offs

By Tinuiti Team

Over the past few years of managing Google Product Search feeds for our clients we’ve come to take note of certain patterns and trends.

One trend in particular that we’ve seen is that traffic levels tend to drop off toward end of each quarter. These drops, often occurring in the latter half of March, June, and September (we exclude December since seasonality plays a major factor here), can be quite subtle but at other times can be quite drastic.

The past week we experienced deja vu all over again, with some of our merchants’ traffic levels cut from 10% all the way up to 50%. In analyzing the numbers in the past year we also noticed similar trends; and in the upcoming weeks we will be releasing a complete analysis of how the traffic levels compare to each other.

It’s quite hurtful for any merchant to experience a drop off in Google Product Search traffic, as it can tend to be quite high volume, but most importantly: free.

Photo Credit: Idioms By Kids

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